Friday, September 30, 2011

Hair Styles

Abby and I had a great day of hanging out!

That girl says the funniest things and has recently started singing a TON. Sometimes I know what it is (Jingle Bells, Jesus Loves Me, or Justin Beiber) but most of the time it is just random.

I love that sweet voice!

The Nutty Professor version of Abby.

We had lasagna tonight so Abby got to wear her spaghetti shirt.

Doesn't she look so happy!
Didn't eat a bite of lasagna though!


After dinner, we painted nails. was hair stylin' time!

First look - the ponytail.

Her hair is so fine that it is hard to put up.

But just look how long that ponytail is!

Then we did pig tails.

Very uneven - again with the thin hair.

Watching her ham it up in front of the mirror was priceless.

I am really hoping that she lets me do this again!


Sue B. said...

What a doll...her face at the kitchen table is priceless! As for the thin hair, both my girls' hair was exactly like Abby's at her age, but once my oldest reached middle school, it got really thick!! My hairdresser says thin hair can get thicker...but either way, she's perfect just the way she is!! :)

gammydi said...

her hair looks so cute. I love doing hair. so glad she is liking it now...