Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Final July Thoughts

 Final Pictures from July:

Getting Ready to take on Ballet. 

Having a great big dessert

First Movie Date with Bestie Caden

We have spent most of our summer with these lovely kids. Taking a popsicle break. 

And at the end of the summer, it is the perfect time for a haircut. 


***In case I still have anybody still reading the 'ole blog, I will be closing this one (as far as posting new things) and starting over with a new one. Ill share the new address once I have finished creating it!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fourth Of July

 We had a great Fourth of July with lots of friends.

We practiced with sparklers the night before just to prepare her for the next night.

Somehow, we manage to get all the kiddos together in one picture. This is how many kids my friends and I have. It is insane. But the good thing is there are enough ages to keep everyone occupied. 

Once the fireworks really got started the little kids came inside and sat on the couch. Abby found a laptop thing that kept her occupied for about an hour!

It was a great night and the gal that hosted it, had a baby like a week before. But when you offer up your house, we will take you up on it!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Back in the Habit

Abby insisted on getting her "baby book" out the other night to look at pictures. Her baby book is the first year that I blogged.

It made me so sad to realize how negligent I have been with the blog!

So I will be using this week to do some July catching up....stay tuned!