Monday, May 31, 2010

Swinging with Nana

For Memorial Day, Abby and I drove to Chattanooga to visit my grandmother and aunts. I was not very good about taking pictures. Abby was crabby and refused to relax or lay down and take a nap. Since she was in a new place, she also only wanted her momma.

Here is my momma (Nana) and Abby swinging in the back yard. This was the only thing that Abby wanted to do. And of course there were no trees around, so it was about 100 degrees.


I took Abby and Ali for a walk earlier. I know that I have mentioned that Ali has hair issues. It has fallen out on both sides and there are large black lines. She went to the vet, it is a common thing, she is fine.

Well, on our walk, we walked by two couples getting in their car. I was about 10 feet from them, when I hear one girl start laughing about that funny looking dog with the stripes on it. Let me just tell you, if they had talked about my baby, that girl's face would have been shoved in the pavement. As it is, don't talk about my fur-baby. I didn't comment on the extra roll of stomach hanging out the top of your jeans - don't comment on my dog.


I always read about kids Abby's age and younger hugging. Abby is not a hugger. She will put her arms around me, but it is not what I would consider a hug. More of "hold me". I was sitting on the floor tonight doing a stretch video and she just walked right up to me and HUGGED me. Put her little arms around my neck and squeezed. I am pretty sure a tear rolled down my cheek. Then she did it three more times, I almost lost it. She is my favorite person in the world.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Whew! I really do feel like this is the first time I have sat down in a week. Abby has gone to a no nap schedule (I don't understand how I didn't get a vote in this!). We have also been enjoying time with friends and family. But I have missed my blogging!
This picture has no story, but check out her beautiful hair!

Also love those chunky legs!
Friday, Abby hung out with her Gammy and Grandad and cousins (cell phone pictures).

Future Model? I think so.

Abby, Evan and Chris. One confused, one happy as can be, and one very upset.

Gammy is a trooper!

Riding on a horse. I believe this might be the first pink thing in Gammy's house!

But she is loving it!


Friday night we hung out at my parents with my aunt and uncle.

As you can tell....there was a little bit of alcohol consumed.


I love to use this blog to write down stories. Years from now, I can go back and laugh at/remember them.

Saturday morning, I was installing the car seat in my car at my parents house. Apparently my dad was not aware of how this was done. We have bars built into the seat of the car that hook to the car seat. This poor man then spent 15 minutes looking in his 2-seater Mercedes for the same hooks. I could not explain that there was no way that Abby would ever be allowed to ride in that car until she is about 12. He is convinced in an emergency, it will be ok.


Abby was "wowed" by the disappearing roof.

But that little gal had to have a drive.

She especially liked pushing the radio buttons. Even did a little dancing for us.

I think Stu and I are in trouble with her expensive tastes!


This morning, Abby was extremely quiet. I went to check on her and she had gotten all of her bath toys out from under the sink and was playing with them. I went back to reading my magazine. A few minutes later, I heard a Thump. Waited for crying, but there was none. Just a little noise of her playing. A few minutes later, I went to check on her again.

Found this.....

That little monkey had crawled in the tub!

She was just sitting in there playing. Obviously, I now have to keep the bathroom door shut.


Abby loves to take walks. She will bring me Ali's leash. If I don't immediately put it on Ali, Abby takes it upon herself to try. This was the best shot I could get - Ali licking Abby in gratitude.


She also got in the pantry today.

Ali looking on "Girl, you are in trouble!"


I do want to write about what a perfect child she is.

  • Jess and I took her to the pool on Saturday (forgot the camera, of course). She pretty much kept herself busy while we laid out (yes, I am burnt). If she walked within 3 feet of the pool one of us would say "No" and she would go on to something else. She listens very well.
  • She has taught herself how to snap into the high chair (at my parents, we still don't have a chair). Dad said it took her about 30 minutes, but she figured it out!

  • Abby now knows her name. Well, she knows how to say "Abby", pretty sure she learned that from her cousin Chris. Her favorite thing to do is whisper it.

  • We forgot her pacy Friday night, so she went down without it. The end of the pacy is in sight!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Multiple Miracles

If you recall from my last post, I had to jump in the pool to save my poor baby. Turns out, that is NOT good for a camera that is not waterproof. See proof:All day long, I have been rehearsing the tongue lashing that Canon was going to get tonight. Never mind that it was was my fault - they didn't need to know that.
But a Miracle Happened:

It fixed itself! I can take pictures again!

I also received a very shocking phone call this morning. Apparently Julie had her little bundle of joy in the middle of the night! Hopefully, she will have pictures up soon (other than the one she texted me) that I can share.

And....she has the best birth story EVER!


Abby has really started being extra picky with her food. She used to love tomatoes, barely eats them now. Tonight's dinner was fruit, green beans, and ravioli. She only ate the fruit. Threw the rest on the floor. Then, when we ate, she wanted my croutons. Sigh.

She is also working on sounding out words. She loves to try and imitate me saying E-I-E-I-O, it is too cute. She also has to touch our mouths when we are talking to her. Trying to understand how we say words!

Wrestling with Daddy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Weekend

What a HOT weekend. I think it was a minimum of 150 degrees both days. And it is only May!

Saturday morning, we read the paper while we waited for Daddy to get up.

Abby also went through all of my, uh, personal items.

Then we went to lunch at Steak and Shake!

We spent the afternoon at the Discovery Center. Last time I took Abby she was not walking, so this time was much more fun. I also want to point out that they have a summer pass for $40 - good for two adults and all children of the household. The normal cost is $6 per person and free for ages under 2. But if you have an older child or multiple children, this is definitely a good deal.

She loved the obstacle course, so fast I could not get pictures!

Abby and Daddy on the old timey car. Isn't this such a good picture of them staring at each other? Daddy will be the one teaching her how to drive!

Playing with cars.

We were very lucky that it was not crowded, so Abby had free rein of the place.

Driving the train.

Such a busy little gal.

Afterwards, we walked around the wetlands.

They have a small playground (that is free - so you don't have to go in the center). It is a great playground for her as they have a small slide and tunnels. And we were the only ones there. Only lasted about 15 minutes though before we were all sweating. Too hot to be outside!

She did not make it home though, passed out in the car! Check out those rosy cheeks!
Saturday night, Amanda threw us a "Welcome Home" party. I only got one picture, but we had a blast! Abby was there until about 7, then my parents came and got her. Great to have sitters!
This was supposed to be a "Girls" picture, but the boys made it in the background.
I will also point out that I was accused of "posing", but I think it made my arms look smaller - anything that I can do!
I must have some super sweet blood, as no matter how much bug spray I put on - I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. Then I wake up this morning and have a TICK on my side. I screamed and made Stu remove it with a match and tweezers. I haven't had a tick since I was like 9 in summer camp!
Remember that water baby I used to have? She is gone.
But isn't she adorable in her bathing suit?

Look at those legs!

Not even remotely happy to be in the pool that my dad went and got this morning.

She is so mad at me!
I was going to write about how 10 seconds after this picture, she lost her balance and fell backwards. Her head went completely under water, I jumped in the pool (with the camera in hand) and pulled her out. Scared me to death!!!!
Then I realized as I was uploading pictures, I had this "action shot":

Makes me laugh every time I look at it. I must have taken it as I was jumping in the pool.
Poor baby!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Night Time

These past few nights have been horrible. Stu says she is whiny all day, but I work, so I don't see her during the day. All I know is that from the minute I walk in the door to the minute she finally falls asleep - it is non stop.
Our normal routine is:
5:30-5:45 - I get home from work. Abby is sitting at the table eating dinner while Stu is finishing up making ours
6:00 - Stu and I eat dinner while Abby plays or sits at the table with us
6:30 - Bath time
6:45 - I take Abby and Ali on a walk around the neighborhood
7:15 - We read books or play with toys in her room
7:30-7:45 Bed time, no argument
Lately, the routine has been:
5:30-5:45 - I get close to the front door and can hear the screaming. I walk in and Abby is laying on the floor next to her chair, screaming and snot flying.
5:45-6:15 - I eat with one hand while trying to get Abby to eat something, anything, with the other
6:15 - Bath time. As you have seen from the past few posts, this has not gone well. Tonight, she was actually stinky (from playing with her cousins all day), but as soon as I turned the bath on, she lost it. I will attempt that again in the morning.
6:30 - Walk (Last night, it was raining - all Abby did was stand beside me and cry holding her shoes and try to put them on herself - I felt really bad, but it was POURING).
7-7:30 - She runs around the house whining and crying. I try reading, playing, singing...nothing helps.
7:30 - Bed time - she does still go to bed at the same time, but she talks quietly to herself for about 45 minutes. At least she is calm.
My thought is that she is teething again. That is usually when the tears and the snot fly. She has a few molars, but not all of them. I guess the rest of them are coming in. I stopped at the liquor store for some wine and picked up the smallest bottle of whiskey I could find. I have heard that rubbing a dab of this on her gums will help. After telling my mom what I bought, she threatened to steal Abby and take her across the Mexican border if I gave that to her. So I chickened out.
As for my neighborhood drama, nothing too exciting tonight. I have noticed that our apartment has no sidewalks. None. How did I not notice this before? So, basically we have to walk in the parking lot. Fun.

But I do want to share this picture. We have one of those stretchy leashes for Ali so she can walk ahead of us. But if we let the leash go, she is terrified of this "thing" that follows her. I had to drop it tonight to get Abby situated and Ali just walked around the apartment glancing back at this thing following her.

I also plan on taking her to the vet next week. As you can see, her hair is falling out on the sides. We think it was the stress of leaving her behind at my parents. But I want to have it checked out just in case!


Also wanted to say Happy Anniversary to Gammy and Grandad - 33 years! Gammy, you looked beautiful tonight - I hope you guys had a great time!


Also, please keep my mom in your prayers. I am not getting into details until we know more, but she is going to see a doctor next week about a possible surgery.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drama in the Tub

Abby has always been such a good bath baby. But ever since we moved to this apartment, her favorite thing to do is take a walk. If we even say the w-word, she is ready with her jacket and shoes.
So, if she even thinks that we are going for a walk without her, she FREAKS out. Stu was putting her laundry away while I was running her bath. I guess she thought he was getting her jacket ready.

Poor gal was traumatized! I could not get her to calm down, it was a quick bath.

After, still upset (rubbing the eyes) I got her shoes and jacket out.

She cried until I actually put her in the stroller. What a drama queen!


Today's adventure in walking....(beside the fact that Ali pooed 3(!) times).

I saw a woman driving around with her 7 year old sitting on the window sill of the passenger side. He had his arms on the roof of the car. Granted, the speed limit is 12, but still. These walks are the highlight of my day!


Do kids wake up earlier as they get older? Just as I got out of the shower this morning at 5:45, I heard Abby up. She usually gets up at 7:30! Way too early!

Most bloggers also read Kelly's Korner. I am also a fan of Melissa Stafford (one of her friends) who had her baby a few days ago. For some reason, her blog went private right after she had the baby. I was shocked - I have been reading this blog for months.

Turns out that some psycho made a false email/Twitter account with her hour-old baby's name and started posting all of the pictures of the baby. Then this person started writing mean things about this new baby and sending emails criticizing Kelly's baby as well.

Is this not disgraceful? Who has the time/energy to make accounts and send negative emails?

I am just appalled - I know that I only have a few readers (love ya!), so I don't know what it is like to be "stalked". I am sure it is terrifying and scary and I hope you keep these sweet girls in your prayers.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Abby and I had the pleasure of attending Ms. Bella's Preschool Graduation tonight.
Let me just say that Michelle did very well, no tears that I saw. I hope that I am that brave.
Sweet Ms. Bella walking off the stage after getting her diploma.

Singing songs, she is in the pink dress. Tallest gal in her class!

Let me brag on my own baby for a minute. She was SO amazing. She sat quietly munching on animal crackers the whole time. She clapped when everyone clapped. She danced during the music. I was so proud!

The graduate and her momma. Tell me that is not the cutest thing, her in the graduation gown!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Got a Case of the Mondays

I am exhausted. I hate Mondays with a passion. And to top it all of this rainy city that I moved to decided to open the skies at 4:45 PM. Of course, being that no one knows how to drive in the rain (myself included), there were wrecks and delays before I even got on the interstate.


Stuart took this picture today. Abby loves nothing more than taking walks. When we even say the w-word, she immediately goes to get Ali's leash. Girl is ready!

Please note these new pj's. They are size 18 months and poor girl can't keep them up. I have to roll them up twice just so they don't drag the ground. I am going to have to start taking her in the dressing room to see what actually fits.

When I got home, Abby insisted on messing with her place mat.

I guess since we haven't been out to eat in awhile, she is missing it.

Stu said she has been "bad" all day, just whining and nothing making her happy. I think she doesn't feel good, but he swears she wasn't coughing or anything today. I was finally able to make her happy with my wallet - her favorite toy.

It is very funny to watch her with this. She "organizes" all of the contents. We have no clue how she organizes it, but she will pick up one card, put it in the stack, then decide that card doesn't belong. So, she will pick up another one that works. And it is quite a tiring process. But, hey it keeps her busy.

We had quite an interesting walk today - once the sun came out after the thunderstorms.

First, Ali is really odd about using the bathroom on the leash. She will go Number One, but not Two. So, I have to take her to the dog park, let her off, scrutinize her to make sure she goes (she is very sneaky and doesn't like to be watched). Then tiptoe through everything to try and find her poo. I really hate cleaning up poo. But I feel that I will be judged by all of the other dog owners if I just let it ride.

Second, we met our third ferocious dog today. Does my dog just scream, "Eat me?"

Look at her, she wouldn't hurt a fly.
Third, speaking of not hurting a fly, we encountered some "gang wars" today on our walk. There were four little black girls and two white girls screaming at each other on the playground. They could not have been over 11 years old. Then all of a sudden the four black girls yell "Break" and bum rush my dog. Ali - being the most scared dog ever, just tucked her tail between her legs and played dead. They proceeded to pet her all over and told me that she looked like a rug (???). Then they turned around and saw that the white girls had ran away. So, they all took off running looking for them. I think Ali is still shaking two hours later. Abby, of course, waved and told them "Buh-Bye".
Last, I must look like an old lady. I saw another group of kids (seriously, where are the parents, this was all at 7 PM) into mischief. A boy about 8 was standing on the outside of his 2nd floor patio while about 3 kids below were videoing him about to jump into the bushes. Of course, I stop and watch. All I can think is that I really hate the sight of blood but there should probably be an adult around. But they see me watching and "whisper" that they will wait until I leave. I take my time walking by, constantly turning around to just let those young'uns know I am watching them. I should have circled back, but see second point above about where we tried to get eaten by yet another dog.
Smyrna livin' - Never a dull moment!