Friday, May 21, 2010

Night Time

These past few nights have been horrible. Stu says she is whiny all day, but I work, so I don't see her during the day. All I know is that from the minute I walk in the door to the minute she finally falls asleep - it is non stop.
Our normal routine is:
5:30-5:45 - I get home from work. Abby is sitting at the table eating dinner while Stu is finishing up making ours
6:00 - Stu and I eat dinner while Abby plays or sits at the table with us
6:30 - Bath time
6:45 - I take Abby and Ali on a walk around the neighborhood
7:15 - We read books or play with toys in her room
7:30-7:45 Bed time, no argument
Lately, the routine has been:
5:30-5:45 - I get close to the front door and can hear the screaming. I walk in and Abby is laying on the floor next to her chair, screaming and snot flying.
5:45-6:15 - I eat with one hand while trying to get Abby to eat something, anything, with the other
6:15 - Bath time. As you have seen from the past few posts, this has not gone well. Tonight, she was actually stinky (from playing with her cousins all day), but as soon as I turned the bath on, she lost it. I will attempt that again in the morning.
6:30 - Walk (Last night, it was raining - all Abby did was stand beside me and cry holding her shoes and try to put them on herself - I felt really bad, but it was POURING).
7-7:30 - She runs around the house whining and crying. I try reading, playing, singing...nothing helps.
7:30 - Bed time - she does still go to bed at the same time, but she talks quietly to herself for about 45 minutes. At least she is calm.
My thought is that she is teething again. That is usually when the tears and the snot fly. She has a few molars, but not all of them. I guess the rest of them are coming in. I stopped at the liquor store for some wine and picked up the smallest bottle of whiskey I could find. I have heard that rubbing a dab of this on her gums will help. After telling my mom what I bought, she threatened to steal Abby and take her across the Mexican border if I gave that to her. So I chickened out.
As for my neighborhood drama, nothing too exciting tonight. I have noticed that our apartment has no sidewalks. None. How did I not notice this before? So, basically we have to walk in the parking lot. Fun.

But I do want to share this picture. We have one of those stretchy leashes for Ali so she can walk ahead of us. But if we let the leash go, she is terrified of this "thing" that follows her. I had to drop it tonight to get Abby situated and Ali just walked around the apartment glancing back at this thing following her.

I also plan on taking her to the vet next week. As you can see, her hair is falling out on the sides. We think it was the stress of leaving her behind at my parents. But I want to have it checked out just in case!


Also wanted to say Happy Anniversary to Gammy and Grandad - 33 years! Gammy, you looked beautiful tonight - I hope you guys had a great time!


Also, please keep my mom in your prayers. I am not getting into details until we know more, but she is going to see a doctor next week about a possible surgery.

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