Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Care Praise

Sorry for the tiny pictures, but I took these from an album that Abby's day care sent me.
Besides the fact that it is more a school which means that she has lessons every week, it is also a Christian based school, so Bible verses are learned as well.

Abby's Day Care is so amazing and have different themes every week, practically every day.

Last month they did "senses" so it was eyes, ears, taste, smell, and hearing.

I love that her teachers send me a weekly email with what the kiddos will be doing that week.
They are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday this week with silly socks and silly hats.
Abby's homemade sunglasses.
I have to say that it is so hard getting that girl up and ready every morning, plus her Day Care is completely out of my way.
But I am grateful every day for these two lovely ladies that take the best care of my little princess.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Last Big Day

Ah, the Oscars!
What has to be the most boring awards ceremony ever is also the best dressed red carpet.

Don't even get me started on Best Picture. What a waste.
But on to the fashion.....
The Stars Who Shined:

I love, love, love this dress. It was different, yet oh so elegant and glamorous.

She won the award in my mind for Best Dressed.

Another star of the carpet. And check out the gun show. Love her.
She saved the best for last.
May not see her again (as Joan Rivers said, "She wore gold to compensate for the gold wedding ring she'll never get").
But she was truly gorgeous tonight, arm candy def. helped.

At first, I hated this dress. But seeing it move on camera, it was very beautiful.
The polka dots were unique and I loved her jewelry.
JLo has one of those rare figures that can totally rock a deep v-neck. She knows this and flaunts it and I think she looked amazing. I wasn't crazy about the cut-outs in the arms, but overall I think she was fabulous.
Stunning. I love the one shoulder and I think light dresses ruled the carpet.
She is just so stinking cute. I think the dress was age appropriate and was so flattering on her. The light purple looked really great on her. Hopefully, she sticks around and has more fashion "wow" up her sleeve.
Maybe, Baby:
It took some time, but I warmed up to these dresses.
They weren't original best dresses, but they got better with time.
It is hard to look past the dress. It really is - that is one busy dress.
But I think her hair/makeup were stunning. The dress was def. a risk, but seeing her move in it brought her up to the almost best dressed category.
First thought: Get that pile of fabric off your shoulder. Or dress your freaking age.
But I saw a comparison with a similar dress worn a few years ago and I think it works for her.
Plus, she is just so loveable (her presentation with Ben Stiller was hilarious).
Loved the color. Almost prom-ish, but since it is Penelope she can get away with a little bit more.
And loved the jewelry.
Who would have thought that I "almost" loved this one? It is totally against my style.
But the back was open and I liked her hair, so she gets to stay in the middle category.
Try, Try Again:
I honest to God tried to like this dress. I am not a huge fan of hers, and she does gets 1 point for color, but that is about it. As you will see, I really hate the random bathing suit ruffle in the middle. And the back was a completely different color - like a see through or girdle looking thing.
This chick is hilarious (if you haven't seen Bridesmaids, run to RedBox to get it).
But I felt like this dress was one shade away from walking down the aisle. Especially with the tulle. And her hair is just weird.
Look at the shoulders, look at the shoulders!
I hated them, hated them.
So much that she was pretty far down on my least favorite.
Yes, you can scroll up and see that I picked a very similar dress in my maybes.
The whole dress WITH the sleeves just didn't do it for me. Too many sequins....
I really wish she would get a better stylist, I have said it before. But after the Oscars, I am adding hairdresser to that list. She had a giant bun the size of her head (JLo did too, but she totally rocked it). It was distracting, I kept thinking "What is that behind her?"
And the ruffle swimsuit....oh hell no. I actually would have liked it if 1) she had a smaller bun and 2) the ruffle was left off.
GRRR. What is that crap in the middle? Feathers? Doilies? Crazy Lace?
She is so stunning, literally glows from being so beautiful.
I think that was part of my hatred of this dress, the expectation that it would be awesome.
No shape, two toned. Ok, Ill just stop.
I missed her on the red carpet. What's funny is that I saw Brad being interviewed sans Angie and fell off the couch. How could she not come?
Oh, but she showed up to present.
That was my first glimpse, and she threw out that bony leg like it was end of a runway.
She missed the memo that it was the Oscars. Time to step up your game.
So, so disappointed.
And what is with the finger nail polish. Way to throw an edge in there.
I def. need to see her movie. Because I am not a fan.
She gets .0001 point for not wearing black.
But that is not much, considering the massive black bang action going on.
And I am really pale, but if I was hitting the Oscars, I would have also hit a spray tan as well.
Agree, Disagree?
Thoughts on the fashion?
Who did I miss?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shop Til Ya Drop

Quite Literally.
I decided this year to work 10 hours as a volunteer for the consignment sale that I usually go to (instead of going to the consigner sale). I worked 5 hours yesterday and 5 hours today, standing on concrete floors and putting clothes away, filing, and rearranging clothes.
Verdict: I am freaking physically exhausted. But.....I am totally doing it again. The workers sale was 100% worth it. Less people, better selection, and well....less people. I took my time and got some awesome deals. See below:

Gardening shovel, purple lampshade, Princess alarm clock (God bless us, please let that work), 3 puzzles, Look and Find Princess book, Minnie Book, Brain Quest cards, dress up shoes, 3 pairs of shoes and shin guards.

Note: that little gal is on 100 piece puzzles as of today! The puzzles that I got were 63 pieces (accounted for), so I am hoping that she likes them. She is working them so fast, we can't keep up!

A crap-ton of clothes (including a Minnie shirt).
3 dressy dresses. They are hanging inside out to dry.
And one other dress that just had to be tried on.
But the real kicker was this sweet little tricycle. That Abby LOVES. At least when she is going downhill. Uphill was a bit of a struggle, but she is catching on.
That is just the cutest little picture I have ever seen!
Ok, on a more serious note,
Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? It was so beautiful last summer, sprouted some gorgeous little purple flowers. But for the past few months, it has been out.of.control.
It was gorgeous today, so I decided to weed (yea, I love it).
But this plant is just insane. I had no idea what to do with it. It is flat as a pancake and taking over the sidewalk.
So I grabbed a pair of scissors and just went to town. I probably killed it, but I honestly don't know what else to do with it.
So if you have ANY idea what this plant is, please tell me. I even searched on the Internet, but I can't find anything. I have an extreme black thumb, but really want to save these, they were so pretty last year.
I have been so bad about posting, but took these pictures last week.
I love taking pictures of Abby sleeping. That girl is nonstop from 5:15 to 8 on the weekends (no nap), but sleeps even harder. I love checking on her, she sleeps in the most random positions. And never wakes up when I take pics of her.
I am really hoping that we can teach her about the alarm clock and what time is appropriate to actually get up and run through the house (it is NOT 5:15)
I have been very good about the "no food or drink" rule in the new car. Which means that Abby has to eat her standard 3 crackers before we go to school in the morning. So after getting dressed, she gets her 3 crackers and eats them in our closet while I finish getting ready for work.
I guess I felt compelled to take a picture one of these mornings.
Oscar Reviews will be up later this week.
E! really disappointed me this year and stopped showing live coverage towards the end. So I missed some of the big players arriving. So, Ill cheat and watch Fashion Police tomorrow to hopefully catch some "live" coverage of the fashions. I promise not to let Joan ruin my opinions.
Speaking of Oscars, this has to be the most boring of the awards shows. The dresses are the best, but I really could care less about best makeup, song, screenwriter. I do like to see who wins Best Picture though. I have seen about a third of those movies.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am loving my new ride! It is such a smooth ride and the gas needle has barely moved.....
But it did not come with a Owner's Manual, so I don't even know half of what the lights and buttons are doing/can do. But I should have the manual this weekend, so I can find out what else that baby does.
I got a 90 day free trial of XM radio as well. I know it will get old and I probably won't renew it, but so far I am loving channel 9 (as far up as I went, lol). "90's on 9" means I get to relive my high school years all over again. It is blissful riding to work, I am THAT girl singing at the top of my lungs in traffic.
Every week I get new artwork from Abby's school. So much that sometimes, I just have to toss it. And then bury it deep in the trash so I don't hear, "Why is my art in the trash, Mommy?". Talk about guilt.

After cleaning off the fridge, it still looks like this.


But if you look closely, you will find this prize!

Abby wrote her name!!! I am so proud!


TV ramblings:

The Bachelor: This has to go down as the absolute worse season ever. I cannot wait to the After the Final Rose ceremony to see that him and the "winner" have broken up.

Teen Mom 2: I just can't help but watch this show. I could write an entire post about each one of these girls. I just hope that parents of girls (teens and younger) watch this and work to give their girls a strong Christian background. These poor girls are just so misguided and MTV has done little to not support this lifestyle.

Ok, soap box done.


I have so much to do for a consignment sale coming up. I got everything (sorta) together, but need to price and tag it all. I am also working 10 hours at the sale this weekend to be able to go to the employee sale. But I am hoping to find some great deals, mostly on bigger items.

We are also eyeing a dining room table on Craig's list, but I want to find a rug first. Stressful!

Speaking of money, I read that the IRS is way behind on returning taxes. I filed mine 13 days ago and still haven't gotten it. I checked last night and am expecting it Thursday, about 10 days after I thought I would get it. Disappointing!


In our house, we have puzzle fever.

On the left is a 24 piece puzzle. On the right is a 48 piece puzzle. The next phase is 100 pieces. I am thinking that she will have it beat soon. The girl is a wizard at puzzles. Hopefully this weekend, I can find pics of myself at her age mastering puzzles.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bday Party and Misc

We went to a birthday party today at our favorite place - The Discovery Center!
Sweet Brynn turned 4, but I didn't get any pictures of the birthday gal.

But I did get a shot of this sweet little guy Ethan that is 18 months.
He became my best buddy after I let him see the picture that I took.
Then of course, Abby had to get in on the action.
Both of them cheesing for the shot (Abby with food in her mouth).
Then it was on to animal time. Abby sat so well on her little mat.
They brought animals out and let the kids pet them.
Yes, that is a giant snake. A ball python I think.
I wasn't fast enough to take a picture, but Abby totally petted it. Crazy!
I was much less nervous about the pet rabbit. That I can handle.
Then Abby and Caden went upstairs to play around.
This is the best shot I could get of the two of them.
Abby absolutely loves to have her fingernails painted.
One night, I broke down and let her do them herself. It wasn't too bad, but needless to say, she will only do them herself from now on.
And she concentrates so hard.
My little wild child becomes a dainty little princess who must have her nails done right!
And the big news.........
Check out my new car!!!!!!
I have been debating about trading in since I drive a gas guzzling SUV, and I really wanted something that got better gas mileage.
So we decided to "just look" today. But I found an awesome 2009 Accord that I fell in love with. It is mystic green (can't tell from the pics) black leather interior, sunroof, and best of all....a navigation system! After 4 hours at the dealer, I drove away happy as can be.
And Abby even said, "I like your new car, Momma, it is pretty."
Hope she is still singing that same tune when I enforce the no food or drink rule.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Toys

Abby is just so much fun. She has such an amazing little personality.
For Valentine's Day, we got her a Minnie Mouse DVD. We have watched it every night since. Regardless of the fact that it cost $14.99 it only has 2 episodes on it, so that will get old (for us) very fast!
She also got a Princess puzzle from Nina. We have worked that about 3 times at least every night. Along with the Ariel puzzle and the animal puzzles. Ha - we need new puzzles!
Abby came up to us tonight and said, "My belly hurts, I need you to check my thermometer."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Night of High Heels

The Grammy's!
First, I will shamelessly show my favorite girl in high heels:


Lots of fab dresses and lots of blah dresses....let's get to it!

Bling, Bling...

Ms.Beckinsale. Don't even know why she was there (presenter maybe), but she brought true Hollywood style to the carpet.

Short dress, check. Little bit of edge, check. Rocking hair, check. Jewels, check. Love it!

This was Adele's night. She could have shown up in a brown paper bag and rocked it. But she didn't, she showed up in a gorgeous sparkly dress that fit her perfectly. She did change to another dress for the majority of the awards, but this dress was gorgeous and her makeup/hair made it so much better.
Don't be distracted by the hair. The dress was the perfect color and the perfect shape for her. It was different than what was on the red carpet and coupled with the hair (the only way it would have worked), I think she looked fantastic.
I generally don't comment on the interviewers, but Kelly was one of my favorites. I loved the hair (on her) and loved the silver dress.
I surprised myself liking this one. It was very Grammy appropriate and although I wasn't crazy about the hair, seeing her actually wearing it (live on the Red Carpet), it was very flattering.
Starting to Lose the Shine
The Dress = A. However, not putting on makeup or brushing your hair = F.
Overall score = C.
Dear Carrie, If I had even one of your leg muscles I would never wear pants again.
You are only young once, show some leg! It is the Grammy's!
Here is a lady that knows how to flaunt it - and flaunt it, she did.
But dye the roots girl, dye the roots.
I am torn on this one. I love me some Miranda. This dress was
But Jess pointed out, it was the color.
Maybe so, it was something. I can't put my finger on it.
Dull and Duller
I don't know who this is. But she totally stuck out to me.
All I could think was.....zombie bride. Maybe that was what she was going for.
If so, she nailed it. If not, hire a stylist.
From the second I saw it, I hated the neck. Hated it.
She is like 10 feet tall, 100 pounds and 20 years old. Stop dressing like you are 90.
This just made me angry. So Stupid. You are not cool. You would have been beat up in high school. You aren't even a good enough singer to justify being "weird".
The performance was a hot mess. Icing on the cake. Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes.
Granny panty alert!
If this dress wasn't see-thru, it would have been one of my favs. It just looks like the designer left a layer out. And probably overcharged you for it.
My least favorite.
Those shoes literally make me cringe. I am pretty sure I gave those to Goodwill 10 years did she get them?
From the side, it was like looking at a piece of white plankboard.
Not flattering at all.
So weigh in.....agree or disagree?
The Oscars are in less than 2 weeks (Feb 26th).....Super Bowl, Super Bowl!!!!