Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold Weather Blahs

I am so over the cold weather (yes, I realize it has only been like a week of cold weather).
I just want to go outside and play. And work on my landscaping. And get Abby a tricycle to ride on our street. And wash my car. The list goes on.
But we have been trying to still have fun while stuck inside.
Any parent that doesn't check on their kids sleeping,

Would totally miss an awesome shot like this.


On Saturday, I had to go to Belk for makeup.

The lady was awesome that helped me. She told Abby if she behaved while I tried on a new foundation, she would get lipstick.

How cute is she sitting in the makeup chair?
And showing off her sheer lip gloss.

I could just eat her up. She is so precious with her Clifford.


Then we came home and built a fort.

And crawled inside and watched Finding Nemo. This is totally her fake smile face.
That tent had so much static electricity that we couldn't even touch each other without being shocked!
See?? Her hair was insane!
We had a great Valentine's dinner with my family tonight, but no pictures.
Abby got a puzzle (she is up to mastering a 24 piece puzzle), an adorable dress that she insisted on wearing to bed, and Teddy Grahams that she devoured.
Hopefully I will get some pictures on Tuesday of what we have planned.
Back to watching the Grammy's (Ill have my reviews up this week)!

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