Friday, October 30, 2009

So Messy!

I had some errands to run tonight after work, so Stuart was in charge of dinner (he actually picked her up this afternoon at two from day care, so they spent a good part of the day bonding). I didn't get any pictures of Abby, but she was a freaking mess when I walked in the door! I'm pretty sure that he ruined the outfit that she was wearing.

But at least she was smiling.

As I took her out of her Bumbo chair, we found the rest of her dinner..

This is pretty much why we haven't invested in a high chair, this chair is super easy to just wipe out!

I also wanted to share this picture. Stuart's Gram is in the hospital. His grandparents have been married 56 years. They actually gave us their rings when we got married. But she is in the hospital and here is a picture of both of them sleeping.....holding hands!

The picture just shows the LOVE!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Busy Girl

Abby is fascinated with my purse/wallet. She likes nothing more than to take all of the cards out and chew on them. I know this isn't sanitary, so as soon as she gets them out, I just put them back in. It kept her busy for like 30 minutes tonight (gave us time to make dinner).

She is too busy to even look at the camera when I try to get her attention.

Finally, I got her attention though. Doesn't her hair look red in this picture?

After the wallet (see it in the background), she moved on to the diaper bag that I had just packed for day care tomorrow. Every diaper had to come out!
After dinner and a bath, it was on to wrestling with Daddy. It was really hard to get a picture without Ali in it, as she thought Daddy was messing with her.

Victory for Abby!
Update on Ali: I felt bad about leaving her out of the above post when she wanted so badly to be in the picture. So I thought I would share what she does on a normal night:

She sits right beside me just staring until I acknowledge her. Especially if I am snacking on anything (like pretzels tonight).

Then the SECOND that I tell her that I love her, she attempts to jump on the couch - where she is totally not allowed. But I give her plenty of loving!

And after I posted this picture, I noticed in the background....the glass of wine next to the baby bottle of formula. Just adjustin' to being a momma!

Also (sorry for the ramblings)...Abby REFUSES to hold her own bottle. I have tried to just make her do it, but that stubborn little gal would rather starve than feed herself. I even bought these handles that you put on her regular bottle to try and get her used to a sippy cup. Not having any of it. I see babies all the time younger than her that do it! But whatever, she'll be ready when she's ready!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The last of our trip

Sad to say, but our trip is over! Time always just gets away from you on vacation. Five days sounded like a lot until it actually happens. Then you feel like you just got there. I definitely did not take as many pictures as I wanted to, but oh well. Soon, I will be able to take all the pictures that I want though!

On our last day in TN, my friend Lindsay brought her little girl Brynn over to meet Abby. We tried to get a picture of them together, but they just weren't having it. First, Abby sat still while Brynn tried to run away.

Then Abby said "I'm outta here". Look at the look on Brynn's face. She is like "Where do you think you are going". She was infatuated with that piece of plastic that came off my parents' tv. Kids are just so into the oddest things!

Then my brother came over to keep me company for the afternoon. Abby was a little cranky and needed a nap. JD just kept saying "What do I do?" "What do I need to do with her?". Just rock her, geez JD.

So, our flight.....hmmm.

We were late to the airport in Nashville, so I got there as they were already boarding and missed the small children boarding. The plane was packed and you always love everyone looking at you with a baby. She actually did relatively well on that flight as I have learned just to keep her occupied.

But that plane was delayed so we landed as the other plane in Charlotte was boarding. Of course, I was at the opposite end of the terminal in Charlotte, so we pulled a Home Alone run through the airport. Trust me, Momma is not a runner. I got there right as they were closing the gate, sweat poring off me, didn't even have time to change her. Luckily this flight was not full, so we had two seats to ourselves.

Have you ever tried to change a baby in a airplane bathroom?? It is not something that I will EVER suggest doing. I have actually never even been in one of those bathrooms before. It is ridiculously tiny.

The flight was about 45 minutes and Abby screamed approximately 30 minutes of this and then conked out cold on me. Nothing like a screaming baby on a flight.

We arrived in Jacksonville around 9 PM, exhausted. What better to end the night than noticing that your luggage is not coming around the luggage thingy? Oh that is right, no luggage. It apparently didn't run fast enough to make the flight in Charlotte. Since this was the last flight into Jacksonville, there was no chance of getting it until the next morning.

It is amazing what you can live without. I keep travel size shampoo/conditioner at my house since I travel for work and hoard it. Of course it was packed up in the garage, so Stuart had to get up at 5:30 and find the box with it in there :). Then I used his toothbrush, deodorant, body wash. That combined with no make up or hair straightener....I celebrated Halloween a little early this year.

But the airport did deliver it this afternoon, so we survived our trip!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not ready to leave!

Abby and I have had a blast so far. We don't want to ever leave! But I will say that it is impossible to find a daycare in Hermitage. So I am not sure what we are going to do. I found us an apartment that I just love, but haven't found a good day care. So, we will just have to see what is planned for us.

My mom has a snack bowl that when you stick your hand in it, it shakes and makes scary noises. This was the only picture that I took, but about 5 minutes after it was taken, her bottom lip popped out and she wailed! Just another reason that we dont have a costume/celebrate Halloween.

How freakin' cute is this outfit? (Thanks, Justine!) The pants are bootcut and just too adorable. I have always heard that boys are "mama's boys", but I enjoy nothing more than dressing a prissy little girl...

After a day of hanging out with Mimi and Nona, a dinner at Demo's, playing with Bella....she was conked out!

One more day and we are headed out!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Even though I actually remembered my camera, I have been really bad about taking pictures. And I think I caught some sort of stomach bug as I have been not feeling so hot the past few days. But Ms. Abby is having a fantastic time and is spoiled more now than ever!

In the high chair at my parents. She has three people constantly fussing over her.

I got to see Caden again. Such a little snugglier! Im not used to having a baby actually fall asleep on me, so it was super sweet.

Abby and Caden were able to meet this time as well. Neither one of them cared too much, but they will when they are older....

My parents have pretty much given her the run of the house. Her absolute favorite thing is to get into the sandwich bags and pull all of them out.

Luckily, she is only licking the outside, so they are reuseable.

Tomorrow the search for daycares/living space starts! ugh!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 1 in TN

We made it to TN! The plane ride actually went pretty well this time. For the first flight, we sat beside an older lady that Abby fell in love with. It mostly was the lady's jacket buttons and purse. But the lady was super nice and let Abby mess with her the whole time. She slept completely through the second flight, while Momma got to read her People magazine.

Here she is sitting with Nona (not) getting ready for bed.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Heading out the door...

Abby and I are packed and ready to go! We are headed to TN this weekend, and believe it or not, I remembered to pack my camera. So Ill post pics either when Im there or when we get back. And man, I hope the plane ride goes well.....

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tupperware Party

Abby had her own little tupperware party tonight!

Apparently, this is her confused face!

Abby thought it was just delicious to lick the bowl.

Then pretended to drink out of the bowl.

On to the top of the tupperware.... This shot doesn't even do her justice. She would take the top and lick it from bottom to top and then grin ear to ear! Hello....Nona, Poppa, Gammy, Grandad, Uncles (JD, Kevin, Sean), Aunts (Jessica, Cari, Amanda, Amber, Michelle, Mel, Teesha, Katie, Lindsay, etc...) cousins Evan and Chris........... Are you ready to SEEEE me?????? Because we are packing and ready to go!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I had to work from home today as Meg is back in New York for the weekend. Abby was actually soooo good today. She played by herself most of the day, so I didn't end the day thinking about everything that I needed to do tomorrow.
However....naptime was just NOT happening this afternoon. This was the picture every time that I went into check on her.

And look at that bed hair!!
Another time that I tried to put her down, after the mobile stopped, I heard it start back up again. Ms.Abby was standing up, pulling on it.

I also wanted to showcase her new pj's. They are pandas...lovin' them!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Falling in Love All Over Again!

So, if you are a reader of my blog, you know that I love my little gal more than anything in the world. But there are just some days that I love her so much, it is like falling in love all over again. Most Sundays are "Abby Sundays" and really this day was no different. But she looked just so darn cute today that I couldn't help but want to squeeze her at every possible moment!
It all started when I gave her the "purse". Although not as fun as Mommy's purse, she was just so adorable with it.

She especially loved the mirror where she could endlessly stare at herself.

Who wouldn't be in love with a girl that has a bracelet on and is trying apply lipstick?

Then I discovered this....a fifth tooth! Actually in this picture it looks like there may be 4 on the top! She is so freaking squirmy that I can't even look in there! But right after I took this picture, I discovered a random piece of paper in there. She might be a hoarder (jk)!

So...finally to the real reason that I fell in love again! How freaking cute is this outfit? Words can't even describe my feelings when I put her in this outfit. Yes, I know that I made the shirt. But oh my goodness, check out the jeans!

Here is a better picture. I really regret not buying the boots mentioned before. That would have probably brought me over the edge though. Sadly enough, I had tears in my eyes when I saw in her in it. I have never in my life seen anything as beautiful as her in that shirt and those jeans!

If you thought that this post was about my hubby, sorry to disappoint! But having Abby does make me fall in love with him more every day! He is soooo great with her! Although, since I got up with her yesterday (while he played softball) he agreed to get up with her Sunday morning. Needless to say at 6:30, he was dead to the world. I got up with her and stuck her in her pack and play. Told (no, yelled) for him to get up! After a few "uhs" and "huhs", he got up and took care of her. I got to sleep in until 8:30, it was great!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Abby's Charm

Abby and I went Shopping today! It was so much fun and Justine joined us to pick out some great outfits. Abby got about 6 outfits, so she is ready for winter! I also got her a great new is a talking purse, with a mirror, lipstick, money, I know she will love it!

A few months ago, JD's girlfriend, Jessica got Abby a backpack. We use it now for toys, but tonight it was sitting on the floor so Abby could pull her toys out of it. Her favorite part of the backpack is a little charm that is on the side.

Because she eats everything of course this has to go in her mouth.

In mouth, continue playing!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Feeling Crafty

It's Friday night and we are enjoying a quiet night at home (well, that is pretty much every night). Before Abby went to bed though, she discovered Momma's purse and all of the goodies that are in it. She proceeded to remove every item and either eat or rip it. Wonderful!

Im going to have to get this girl a purse! I have been trying to wait and not buy her alot of toys since we are moving, but I think Im going to break down tomorrow and go get her some new stuff.

It is also freezing outside and most of Abby's clothes are short sleeved, so Im thinking I may also have to get her some winter clothes.

Just a random picture, where did her puff go?

So, tonight I felt crafty for about 10 minutes, so I made these onesies. I think they look great, but Im not so sure that the pieces are actually going to stay on. We will just have to see I guess.

Kelly's Korner is hosting a blog about people that make things. I have found some really great ideas for Abby. Check it out!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Hanging Out

Abby's new obsession is "helping" me clean out the dishwasher. I have to be careful and hide the knifes first!

Ali likes to help as well (well really just smell Abby)

She really likes to chew on the plastic tablespoons. When we were home for Labor Day, my parents didn't have many toys, so she played with cups and measuring spoons and now loves them (thanks, mom!). She just won't give it up. Tonight Abby had spaghetti and oatmeal for dinner...lovin' it! She also really likes to get into the refrigerator and bang on the drawers But don't get Momma's wine!