Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Momma's Reading

Here are some books that I have lined up to read or are reading.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

I usually pick books that are on the best seller list to give them a try. I made it about three chapters into this one before giving up. The only reason that I even made it that far was the "elusive-ness" of the summary. But then I decided that I really didn't care what happened.

Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

I am a HUGE Jennifer Weiner fan. Love her. I recommend any of them. This is actually the first one that I have not bought, just borrowed. But if you have seen my book collection, I just have to stop buying books. I haven't started reading it yet, but it is next in line.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

This one is next on my reading list after the Jennifer Weiner book. I am hoping that it lives up to the expectations. I borrowed the first one and am on the waiting list for the rest. I haven't read many reviews on it, so I am going at it with an open mind.

Mini Shopaholic by Sophia Kinsella

This is what I am currently reading. I have read all of the Shopaholic series and couldn't wait for this one. It is just mindless fluff, but I love it. Although, so far this is probably my least favorite. Maybe it is the spoiled child, I don't know. But I am sure that it will all end well in the end. That is the good thing about fluff novels.

The Lost Dogs: Michael's Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption by Jim Gorant
I am excited to read this one as well. I love stories with happy endings. It has gotten very good reviews, so I am hoping for the best.

Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

I loved this book. It is about the Holocaust, so it is sad at times. But I think it is a great story. Ties in a story with the past with a present day story.
I just realized that I have only actually read ONE of these books. But I really haven't read anything too great in awhile. But I am excited about all of these that are on my nightstand (courtesy of the Smyrna Public Library).

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is Heeerrrreeee!!

My favorite season, Fall, is offically here! Well, maybe not really, but it sure does feel like it!

Time to break out the jeans and long sleeves!

The blankets on the walks at night.

And the long sleeved pj's.
You can't tell me that the first picture....she doesn't look like a teenager! I cried when I saw it.
Really hoping to get my blog updated for the new season tonight!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun with Poppa and Nonna

Abby went to Poppa and Nonna's house on Saturday. She loves it there - so much to explore!
Pulling leaves off the tree with Poppa

Running through the front yard

Kicking the leaves in the street

Jumping in the thick grass

Picking flowers with Nonna

Crashed out in the pack and play after reading

Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Master Bedroom

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life Master Bedrooms this week. Since we are slumming it in a apartment, there is not too much to show. But I do like to share!

Here is the view looking in. I sleep on the left side (looking in) next to the baby monitor. When the military moved us three years ago, the only thing they broke out of 200 boxes/pieces was the handle on my nightstand.
Stu is on the right side. Until about a month ago, that entire dresser was piled with clothes. I got around to cleaning it, but not decorating. Just one measly picture of Abby! You might have noticed our lack of pictures. We do have this one of our wedding day.
Also, regarding the bedspread, we are both extremely hot sleepers. So, there is no way that we can have a comforter. We have to use a light quilt and this brown is the best one that I could find.
Ah, the clutter corner. This is my bookshelf (yes, I have read all of these books multiple times), along with the printer, file cabinet and fishing bag.

Stu's dresser cracks me up. The deer antler lamp, John Deere hat, duck calls hanging from the mirror, Redskins hat. Poor guy is just trying to have his space in the house full of dolls!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Feet!

While Abby and I were reading our books tonight, I noticed that she had her feet crossed just like Mommy! Aren't her little feet so sweet?

And do you remember this picture? It is from May 2009. My how her feet have grown!
Tooth Update:
We went back to the dentist today. The dentist said her gums are not swollen and the tooth appears to still be intact. It is loose, but she doesn't expect it to "die". Which is very good news!
That means that it will stay in place and not fall out. She will just always have a broken front tooth. At least until it falls out on its own.
We did have the option of pulling the tooth and getting a fake one, but that just seems a little traumatic for someone her age.
We will be going back in 6 months for a checkup and cleaning.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Pictures

Maybe Abby has been a little, er, bratty (spoiled) lately - but overall she is still just as sweet as ever!
Here she is crawling under the table while I was trying to eat dinner. Ignore the paint splattered stool!
She loves to say "Cheese".
"Abby, are you ready to get out of the bath?"

Super sweet voice "no".

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Play Ball!

Abby and I went to Stuart's softball game tonight. We made it 30 minutes.

  • The first 10 minutes, she walked up and down the bottom step on the bleachers. Then a lovely, Smyrna couple sat down behind us. I hear a click of a lighter. Seriously? You are going to sit next to my baby and smoke. And ignore all the signs that say "No Smoking". We left 10 seconds later to go somewhere else.
  • That somewhere else was obviously the dugout. I spent 5 minutes convincing Abby that she could not go in the dugout. Or hold on to the chain link fence where a ball could hit her hand.
  • Then she found the "ball". There was a Little League team throwing the ball back and forth. She wanted in on that action. Every time they missed and it rolled to her, she didn't want to give it back. We spent about 10 minutes arguing about that.
  • Finally, I scooped her up and told Stu we were leaving. Imagine, carrying a screaming child out of a ball park. I am pretty sure people were ready to call 911 for an abducted child.
  • I decided to let her walk the rest of the way. As we were leaving the ball park, there were about 4 smaller children (about 4-5 years old) playing freeze tag in the grass. Abby walked right into the middle of this group and stood like a statue.
  • Luckily, they were very sweet children that tried to let her play with them. They kept "tagging" her, but she didn't move. She even rolled her eyes at them. Snob!

**There was another Little League game going on next to Stu's game. We watched for a little bit. It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. And the parents were clapping and screaming. The only person louder than them was Abby. She was screaming "Yah" and clapping so hard when they did. Pretty sure she was happier for them than her own daddy! **

**Sorry for no pictures, Stu was in charge of the camera tonight :) **

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hair Do's

I struggle with Abby's hair woes on a daily basis. If she would just let me fix it, it would look so much better.


Attempt 1:

The bun

How adorable is she? She looks like a mini librarian!

Of course, a few minutes later.

Ha Ha that is some hair.

Attempt 2:

The ponytail on top.

I have to say that it went well.....

She was sooooo upset.


Eventually though, she did warm to it. She even kept it in for about an hour. I just have to work on the hair bows.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stop Griping!

I didn't get home until about 7:30 tonight. Stu (gratefully) had cleaned the house, but I still had to give Abby a bath, take the dog out, get the trash out, etc. I threw Abs in the bath, slapped her pj's on and put her in the stroller.
The crazy dog would NOT go. She wanted to walk and walk and walk until she found the best spot.
All I can think is getting Abby to bed, getting the trash put out (it has to be outside by 8 for them to pick it up.
I hear Abby saying "Ack at? Ack at? Ack at?" That is her way of saying, "What's that?"
Finally I just stop and see what she wants. She is pointing at the moon. She had never seen it before (that I know of). This just brought me to my knees.
My sweet, darling daughter was seeing something for the first time, something as miraculous as the moon, and I almost missed it. I was more concerned with what I had to get done. Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.
But at least it is a good start to our girl's only three day weekend!!!!
On another note.....
Look at how big these 2T pj's are!!!

They look like basketball shorts!

She is just stinking cute (and she was refusing to get her picture taken).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nana's Birthday

I completely forgot to take pictures at dinner. But here are a few at the house after.
We celebrated Mom's birthday tonight. But it looks like Abby stole the show!

Isn't this cake gorgeous? Julia's Bakery in Mboro. And it was mint.....delicious!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sugar and Spice

  • Abby (when not screaming her head off in pain) has been so sweet this week. Very cuddly and just wants to lay her head in our laps.
  • She gives her Daddy a hug every night before bed.
  • Her and Ali laid in Ali's dog bed (gross, I know, but it was cute) on Saturday morning and "talked".
  • She has learned "Nice" and when she gets too aggressive with the dog, I just say "Nice", and she repeats "Nice" and pets her gently.
  • She loves her baby doll and is always making sure that she is in the stroller waiting on a ride.
  • When I read her books at night, her left hand turns the page and her right hand has to rest on my arm. Sweet!


  • As I mentioned, the screaming. I can't blame her one bit.
  • She was up last night from 3-3:30 where I had to rock her.
  • Abby points at me and says "No" with a very mean look on her face.
  • Tonight at the dinner table, she stares at me, cocks her leg and FARTS. I, of course, burst out laughing.
  • She then went on to laugh so hard at herself that she burped.
  • Of course, that made me laugh even harder.
  • How can something that cute be so gross.....


Happy Birthday Nana!!!!!!

I made you something is a hint!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Normally I wouldn't....

Watch the VMA's. But since Primetime TV is not back yet (A few more weeks, yah!), I got caught up in the VMA's tonight.
And really, how can I not comment on the fashion?!?!
Oh heavens. I can actually handle the dress. It is Alexander McQueen. I get it. But the hairpiece?Or the statue off her head? I am just not sure about that. And I am pretty sure it is much more 3-D than this picture gives it justice.

Finally - a great dress for Sofia! She is hot - work it!

Tween Queen rocked the red carpet.

I love Rihanna. I love her new song. Not quite sure the context with the whole domestic violence is appropriate, but her vocals are awesome. But I HATED her outfit. The combat boots, the low cut dress, the neon red hair, the 80's hair band, the cross and the belt. Way too much going on.

Taylor, love the bare feet. Hate the hair. I missed her performance, so maybe it was tied in with that. Very bland.

If you blacked out Kei$ha's face and asked the guess would be streetwalker.

Love the hair and the multi color (I actually like that about Ga Ga's as well). Hate the torso area, love the skirt, love the shoes. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
Isn't this chick like 21? Her face looks super old. I guess Marilyn Manson does that to you.

Hate the feathers. Hate them.

Everything is awesome. The silver with the gold shoes. Loving it.

Perfect choice for the VMA's. I will even try to stop faulting her for the Twilight disaster.

Did I miss a press release? She shaved her head except for the pony tail on top? Pebbles, anyone?

If I had that much money, I would have painted in the bathing suit lines.
All pictures were taken from People and Us Weekly.