Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Chip Off the Old Block

Conversation with Day Care:
Jennifer (who was on Teen Mom): Abby fell today and busted her lip.
Me: Is she ok?
Jennifer: Yea.....but she chipped her tooth.
Me: Uh ok. Do I need to come and get her?
Jennifer: No, She is calming down now. We are taking care of her.
Me: Well, how bad is it, do I need to take her to the doctor.
Jennifer: No, she is fine. But...well, the tooth is not good.
***That is just the highlights, they actually did a great job of taking care of her***
Remember that gap in her front teeth?

It is just a liiiiiitttttle bigger now.

But at least her spirits are up!

Do you see the missing tooth?

It is not pretty. It makes me tear every time I see it.
We are taking her to a pediatric dentist in the morning. Stu is convinced that the tooth is jammed up in her gums. I don't know as I had to bribe her with stickers to even get this shot. I can't get a better look. I am sure the dentist tomorrow is going to be interesting.....


Anonymous said...

She is still as beautiful as ever!


Wiz said...

Poor thing! Hopefully the dentist appointment goes well.

Katie said...

Poor baby!!!!! On a good note at least it is a baby tooth that will eventually fall out anyways. Good luck at the dentist!

Justine said...

I was having a BADD night...UNTIL I came on to your blog and I have not stopped laughing! Thank you! =)