Sunday, September 5, 2010

Date NIght

Ha Ha! You might think this is a post about Stu and I's date night....but it is not!
Abby, Stu and I went over to the Warf's tonight to hang out and eat pizza.

Abby met her man, Landon. They pretty much ignored each other the first hour. But once we went outside, they were BFF.


Warning: First Date photo's to Follow!

They both discovered their love of cars.

Sharing the front seat.

Working on fixing the radio to the appropriate love music.

Busted! Sitting in the passenger seat together!

Ok, they are separated. We were worried about the two of them "necking". Abby seems pretty cheesy though....

Landon: Give us some private time!
Abby: I am so happy that I have a cute boyfriend.

We did nothing wrong. Just our first date.
Happy 9th Birthday to Evan. We had a fantastic time today. Sorry I have no pictures!