Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sugar and Spice

  • Abby (when not screaming her head off in pain) has been so sweet this week. Very cuddly and just wants to lay her head in our laps.
  • She gives her Daddy a hug every night before bed.
  • Her and Ali laid in Ali's dog bed (gross, I know, but it was cute) on Saturday morning and "talked".
  • She has learned "Nice" and when she gets too aggressive with the dog, I just say "Nice", and she repeats "Nice" and pets her gently.
  • She loves her baby doll and is always making sure that she is in the stroller waiting on a ride.
  • When I read her books at night, her left hand turns the page and her right hand has to rest on my arm. Sweet!


  • As I mentioned, the screaming. I can't blame her one bit.
  • She was up last night from 3-3:30 where I had to rock her.
  • Abby points at me and says "No" with a very mean look on her face.
  • Tonight at the dinner table, she stares at me, cocks her leg and FARTS. I, of course, burst out laughing.
  • She then went on to laugh so hard at herself that she burped.
  • Of course, that made me laugh even harder.
  • How can something that cute be so gross.....


Happy Birthday Nana!!!!!!

I made you something tonight....here is a hint!!!


gammy said...

I laughed so hard at the end, but felt so sad about the tears and up at niaght. what a sweetheart Happy Birthday Sarah

Lori said...

Oh, she is so cute! I love her name :)

I'm your newest follower. I agree with you 100% on the screaming! Ack.