Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had such a wonderful weekend, but it went by way too fast!
For Abby's costume this year, this is what I had in mind:

But it ended up more like this:

No shoes and no hat. And a very pissed off child when I did try to make her wear it.

Here is Riley (ladybug), Reagan (super girl), Ruby (ballerina), Bella (mermaid), and Abby (I am thinking German beer girl).

We went to the Avenues Saturday night for some trick or treating. The place was packed! I think we walked away with about 2 suckers.

And Abby was NOT walking up there by herself. Daddy had to work for the suckers!

Then we went to the play area for some dancing. Can you tell who is not dancing?

She just wanted to stand and watch. (But one of my friends did ask if I made the costume, which caused me to double over in laughter. Me, make anything, Ha!)

Ruby and Bella had a blast!

Afterwards we stopped at Nana's for a treat.
We didn't do any trick or treating today, but I did get a picture of Abby in her Sunday best.

Of course, she just wanted to squat and say "Cheese".

Then I got the money shot.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maybe a Teacher....

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Abby liked to "read" to me.
She holds the book up for me and talks nonsense.

Points to the pictures, but rarely says what they are. Just babbles.

She loves this picture of a mommy bear hugging her cub!
All of Abby's life, when it is bed time, I just lay her down and she is out. No rocking of any kind. I was always told, "Don't rock them to sleep, they won't learn to go to sleep on their own." Well, I think that is nonsense. But I also had a baby that didn't need it.
For the past few weeks, about 2 minutes after I lay her down, she is screaming and crying. I go into her room and pick her up. She immediately lays her head on my shoulder and I just sway with her. Then she is perfectly fine to go back to sleep.
And you know what?? Those few minutes are the highlight of my day. I look forward to it. So, to anyone that believes that "Don't rock the baby" crap - just remember, they are only small once. In a few short years, she won't "need" me to sway her.
I have been asking Stu why we haven't gotten any artwork lately. Apparently, it was all sitting in her cubby. So here is some of it:

Red, Yellow and Green paint.

Apple Prints

And this just makes my heart melt. How sweet is this? Could it be a boyfriend??

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am hoping that everyone can see both of the videos below.

The first one is Abby playing in Ali's crate. (I think that Stu called it Abby's crate in the video - I swear we do not make our daughter sleep in there!)

The second is her reading her book. The reason that it is so dark will appear towards the end of the video.


Abby in the cage

Abby Reading

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Katie's Wedding

Saturday, Stu and I went to Katie and Benton's wedding. I am so happy for them (and jealous as they are currently on the beaches of Mexico).
Stu and I at the reception.

Katie with all the boys.

Me with the beautiful bride.

All the gals.
I am so blessed to have such a fantastic group of friends. We have been through it all together - boyfriends, marriages, babies. And I don't see any of it stopping any time soon!
Abby is such a goofball. Here are some of her most recent antics.
Getting in the dog's crate and saying "Night, Night".

Sitting in her baby's stroller and reading a magazine.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Craft Fairs and Cupcakes

Saturday, my mom and I took Abby to Bell Buckle to the Webb Creek Craft Fair. It was ridiculously overcrowded and hot.
We did manage to get out of the crowd and take a few pictures. Abby was pretty much over it at this point and refused to smile.

Me trying to get a picture of us two. She is just staring at me like I am crazy.

We stopped for some strawberry ice cream.

Loving it!

If anyone has tried to call me lately and I don't answer it is because about half an hour after we got this ice cream, we decided to do a hay ride. I was trying to fold the stroller and I set the ice cream bowl in my purse. Completely forgot about it and dropped my phone in there. Now, it only works on speaker phone. Luckily, I am getting a new one soon!

They also had a petting zoo. Abby was pretty excited about the goats. She must have remembered them from the Pumpkin Farm last weekend.
I made strawberry cupcakes for work and thought Abby might enjoy them.

She sure looks like she deserves and wants a cupcake.

Digging in!

Hmm, not so sure about this! Why is the top part sticky?

"Oh Gawd! Get it off!"
She completely freaked out when icing was on her hands. We probably went through about 20 napkins. Finally, I just gave up and we threw the cupcake away.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marathon Results

**Sorry for the blogging lapse....lots of reasons, but I am about three blogs behind so I will be catching up!***
The Murfreesboro Half was Saturday. 13.1 miles. Guess how long I made it???
About 1.5 miles. If that.
I hate running. Really hate it. And I didn't realize how much until mile 1.
But I did stick around for the whole race and got to cheer on the "real" marathoners!

There were so many people there. I loved the excitement of being there and just the general vibe of being around people that are completely dedicated to this sort of thing.

Right as I got to the finish line, I heard "Teesha Orr". Teesha is one of my good friends that loves to run. She finished right above 2 hours! That is amazing.

Here are Teesha and my bestest, beautiful friend Amanda. These gals are my heroes that they can do this sort of thing!

And check out this beautiful couple! JD and Jess did their first marathon as well. JD ran to give his little lady a hug as soon as she crossed the finish line.

They are so awesome! (Although I think JD's eyes are closed in this picture)

Lo and behold in the distance......

In the momma!

What a champ!

My family of runners!
Yes, I am a total wimp for only making it a mile and half. People keep saying, "Well at least you tried". Yes, I did, but I didn't try hard enough. But I did realize that I need something more in my life. I need goals to work towards. So, lately I have been thinking a lot about what I DO want in life. I have no desire to finish a marathon/half-marathon or any sort of activity that involves running. Ha!
BUT I would love to volunteer more. And I really, really enjoyed being at the race. When I did walk out of the race, instead of getting in the car and driving home back to bed (which trust me, held its appeals), I walked to the 6 mile mark, cheered on the runners and then walked to the finish line to meet everyone. (Let me just add, that was quite a walk for a quitter). So, my goal is volunteer more at events.
So, we will see how that goes!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Abby's First Haircut

Abby had her first haircut tonight. I have been a nervous wreck about it all day. I am not sure what I was expecting (other than her melting down, which did happen), but it went very well.
***My mom took these pictures, and bless her heart, she does not take take good pictures ;)***
Shannon brushing her hair. Abby had just got done eating, so she still had her bib on.

Abby looking a little hesitant.

"You are going to do what with those??"

The "Oh God" moment.

Help me! They are pinning me down and cutting me!

Oh the agony.

After Shannon did the front, I held Abby so she could do the back.

I shoved Vanilla Wafers in her hand thinking that would help. At first, it didn't.

But she did eventually start to calm down.
The hair cut overall went well, she still looks adorable.