Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun on the Farm

Today was a hot, hot day. Nevertheless, we headed to Waldon Farms for a day of farming.

Abby was too chicken to do the corn maze on her own. Momma had to go with her and trust me, I was sweating.

But at least she followed me instead of having to drag her through the maze.

There were pigs that could be petted. I swear, they looked just like our little Ali. Abby was little hesitant about getting close to them though.

Abby looking at the chickens.

This was by far my favorite part. You could buy feed for the goats and they would eat out of your hand.

I never in a million years thought that Abby would have done this.

But she LOVED it. I am even considering taking her back just to feed the goats.

Abby also got to sit on a tractor. She was pretty nervous and had to make sure Daddy was right beside her.

As much as I tried, I could not get Abby to sit beside the pumpkins for a pumpkin patch picture.

She still looks pretty darn cute in the patch though.

Wondering "Why are you taking a million pictures?"

She got to pick out her own pumpkin which we brought home and now sits on the kitchen counter.

Abby also got to ride her own John Deere tractor.

Then we went on a hay ride.

Abby was so hot. Poor thing. She even poured the water down her entire shirt to cool off.

We met Amber, Matt and Caden there as well. Abby was not feeling the picture.

Family shot. Too bad the sun shining off Stu's head was overwhelming.

I think she was starting to get tired on the way home.....

Out like a light!
We also met Tiffany, Jason and Landon there, but hardly got to see them. It was so crowded. Hopefully soon, Landon and Abby can have a second date!

On Saturday, we went to the Avenues to the Family Fun Fest. Hot again!
Abby (who did not want Bella's arm around her) and sweet Ms. Bella.
Tonight, I was laying on the floor in Abby's room while she played with her toys. She found one of her brushes and proceeded to brush my hair for about 5 minutes. Granted, she made it a rats nest, but still. It was so sweet.
I also got a muscle cramp in my back while lying there. I yelled for Stu to come rub that spot on my back. He did and it felt much better. About 2 minutes later, I felt these five little angel fingers rub the same spot. As much as this little gal can drive me nuts, she is just so full of sugar. She wanted to rub her Momma's back to make her feel better.


Warf pary of 3 said...

i hate that we didnt get to spend any time with you all at the farm today. if you go back to feed the goats call me. landon LOVED that part as well. he really like the kid zone and train ride

Wiz said...

Love all the pictures. I think we are heading to Walden Farms this weekend. The weather is looking perfect!

Katie said...

Love love love the pumpkin patch and all the cute pics. And really love that you fixed the blog!

gammy said...

looks like a beautiful day and lots of fun

gammy said...

lots of fun and a beautiful day