Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Sweet Night

Tonight, on our walk, Abby wanted out of her stroller at the dog park. I usually just put Ali in the dog park and Abby and I wait outside. Tonight, I was sitting on the curb next to the stroller.
Abby wanted out soooo bad. I knew it could not end well with her wanting to run all over the place. But I had a looong day at work, so I gave in.
Sweet, little Abby crawled right up in my lap. And held my hand. With her other hand, she pointed at the stars..."Stars Momma?" Yes, my sweet pea, those are stars.
It was one of those nights that I won't forget. My baby bundled up in my lap enjoying the cool night. I sang "When you wish upon a star" in her ear.
What a great night.

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Jules said...

First of all, this is the sweetest story I have ever heard! I can't wait for Audrey to start learning more and more about the world around her!!!!!

PS - I know it was you who gave Kelly the Taco Soup recipe!!!