Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Messy Gal

The only way that I can cut Abby's toenails is to put her in her Bumbo chair with the tray. So I did that tonight. While I was at it, I thought it was time for an update on the toenail polish.
Pretty purple toes!

She was soooo upset! All she wanted to do was wipe her feet off.

Later, in the bathtub, she kept giving me her feet to clean. Funny gal!

We had spaghetti for dinner tonight. Since Abby was wearing a white shirt, I figured no shirt was probably a better option. All through dinner, she would grab a bite, then want her hands wiped off.
Girl cannot stand to have any part of her "messy".

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't know about you other gals with young kids, but clerks love giving my Abby stickers when we check out. She "loves" them, but doesn't really get the stickiness. Here is a short video of Abby with a sticker (taken by Jess).

I crack up every time I watch it. Note her disapproval at having the sticker on her! Also note her massive amount of hair on her huge head!!! Don't worry about sound, the only sound is the TV in the background.

Pizza Pizza!

We have had some troubles with getting Abby to eat lately. One day she likes one thing, the next day she hates it. Next day, loves it again. It is a constant battle.
But tonight, I had to do a Target run. I love Super Target. Love it. They have a Pizza Hut inside. I grabbed Abby and I a personal pan pizza. She ate 3 pieces of it!!!!
"Who Me?"
Every night after dinner and a bath, we take Ali to the dog park. After she does her business, I yell "Ali" (usually multiple times as she likes to ignore me). The past few times, Abby has insisted on holding the empty leash and yelling for Ali herself.
It sounds like "A-Wee" "Aye" "A-Lee". She does it the entire time Ali is running around. Ali just shoots her evil looks like, "Let me freaking finish, you get to go in your pants". I crack up the entire time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Melissa's Wedding

As I said yesterday, I had a BLAST these past five days. I wish now that I had taken more pictures. But I will share the ones that I have and the ones I "stole" from facebook!
I arrived Wednesday afternoon. After dinner with Melissa's parents (who were pretty much my parents one summer), we all went to a nail salon and got mani/pedis. Let me just say, my feet were loving it! And the first thing that Stu said to me when I got back was "Wow, you have paint on your nails". It is very rare!

Thursday night, we had the rehearsal at the church. After the rehearsal, we went back to Melissa's parent's pool for a delicious dinner. Please note Jared's facial hair. That poor boy has been growing it out forever. Melissa (and his grandmother) made him shave it for the wedding. He said that is the last time he is shaving - for Melissa's sake - I hope that is not true!

Friday morning - up early! (Ha - we didn't have hair until 10, but this week that was early for me). Melissa getting her hair done.

Haileigh was the flower girl. She is five and so freaking adorable.

Look how freaking sweet those ringlets are!

This is the back of my hair. I told her that I just wanted it off my neck. I ended up loving it to so much! I normally have straight hair, so it is fun to curl it every once in awhile.

Other than hating my arms......I love this picture. Melissa is such a beautiful bride!

The bride and groom!

Found this picture on facebook. I swear that I was happy at this wedding! And fully aware of my ivory skin!

Melissa and her dad. I cried through the whole thing. This was the only non blurry picture that I had. I was totally a mess at this wedding.

I LOVE this picture. Melissa is watching Jared and his mom dance.
Cutting the cake. Her theme was ocean/sea. Her cake had mini sea shells on it.

Getting ready for the garter.

We lost Jared! Let me just say that they are meant for each other. Her garter was camouflage with a deer on it.

Getting ready for the bouquet toss.

Not believing that I caught it on camera!

Leaving with the beer cans! They had sparklers as well, but all of the pictures were blurry.
So, after the wedding, I went to a bar with my friends from Maine. Turns out the whole bridal party went as well. There is nothing to cap off a good wedding than the bridesmaids helping the bride use the bathroom.

Group shot!
I MAY have had a few too many complimentary mixed drinks/champagne.

Saturday, I drove to Newport News to see my friend Traci and her new baby, Ella. Ella is 7 weeks old and the spitting image of her daddy. I forgot what it was like to hold a baby! I was nervous at first, but it is like riding a bike. That little gal slept on me for almost an hour - I was in heaven!

Saturday night, we drove to VA Beach and hung out on the beach and ate dinner. After, we stopped at a bar on the boardwalk and had the best mixed drinks.
The newly weds!!
In case you were wondering, Stu did not get to make this trip with me. I bought my plane ticket months ago. When I went to get his, the tickets had sky rocketed. We decided it was just not worth it, I missed him very much!

Although I had a blast, the best part was obviously waiting for me in the airport!!! Doesn't she look like she has grown years!?!?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a Week!!

I have spent the past five days either sitting at the pool, putting my toes in the sand, watching the ocean drinking something fruity, or watching one of my best friends have the greatest day of her life!
I have to say that it was AWESOME!!!!!
But I am exhausted! Here are a few stolen shots from Facebook, I will do a complete recap tomorrow.
Me getting my bow in the back tied.
Here is the complete bridal party. Isn't that a beautiful bride? (Sorry so dark, I am on the far right).

Also wanted to share this picture of the shower that I was at last weekend. Isn't this a great looking group of girls. I am so blessed to have such great friends!

Monday, June 21, 2010

(Late) Weekend Recap

We had a very fun-filled weekend! Busy and exhausting. I was out like a light last night, so I didn't get to recap. So, here goes....

First, let me just say that no clasp is safe in the house with Abby. I have a "backpack" that I take to work with my laptop in it. Every day, before she even says Hi to me, she insists on clasping the straps. We had her car seat inside this weekend and girlfriend spent a good thirty minutes on it. I tried to get a picture of her actually IN the car seat working on it, but she got out before I could find the camera.

See the stroller in the background? After every walk, she re-snaps all of the straps. First few times, I didn't realize until she was in it. But now I know to unclip BEFORE I put her in it.


My friend Autumn is due to have a boy July 25th. Check out this adorable cake!

I only took one picture of the mommy-to-be. But our photographer friend took some shots as well - I cant wait to see those!

Abby spent the night with her Gammy that night and wore Chris' Sponge Bob pj's. Here she is the next morning eating breakfast with Gammy.


Sunday, we spent the whole day at the lake. My Dad turned 60 on Saturday so we rented a pontoon boat.

Jess and my Bro. I commented on his "white-ness". He said it is because Jess is so dark. Sure.....

Stu and Abby.

We figured out that this seat would work perfectly for her. But I will add that kid's life jackets SUCK! It is all up in her face, she is miserable.

We introduced Abby to the juice box this weekend. She did figure out to suck through a straw (Score!). But then was obsessed with taking the straw in and out of the hole for the next hour.

I couldn't get many pictures as I was trying to keep her occupied. But I got plenty of her crashed!

We forgot her pacy, so the only time she would sleep was when we were driving. As soon as the boat stopped, she was up and crazy!

Back to clasping the life jacket.

Abby will pass out in a second in the car. But the whole hour and half home, JD and Jess were in the backseat. Abby CANNOT sleep if someone is beside her. JD says, "What do you do when she won't stop crying?" Uh - you just deal with it. Buck up, man. But as soon as they were out of the car, 5 minutes later......she was out!
Now, she is sick as a dog. Runny nose, eye boogies, the whole nine yards. She somehow bit the inside of her mouth and there was blood all over her crib. I was traumatized!
I am heading out of town Wednesday for a week. I am so excited to be in Melissa's wedding, but sad to leave my sick baby! I will not be blogging, but I am sure I will have plenty of talk about when I return.

Friday, June 18, 2010

SUYL - Engagement Story

I am joining Kelly's Korner blog hop today!


Stu and I had been dating about 4 years when he joined the Marine Corps. He joined in February 2005 and was gone to boot camp, then training school. He was living in Chesapeake, VA in the barracks, but knew he was going to be stationed in Yorktown, VA soon.

We had been talking about getting married, but were waiting on him to get his final orders as to where he would be. My job worked out perfectly for me to live in that area. So.....all we needed was the "official" engagement. After discussing with his parents/grandparents, his grandparents wanted to give us their wedding rings. They were VERY hesitant about sending it to a po box at the barracks (completely understand!).

They mailed the engagement ring to Stuart's parents house and I went and picked it up. Yes, you read that right. I picked my own ring up from his parents house to take to him so that he could ask me. But I swear that I did not peek at the ring. It was hard. Especially as I took it on the carry-on with me on the plane in the off chance that my luggage got lost. I almost took out a security guard to see the x-ray machine (totally kidding, but a good idea).

I get to VA and check in the hotel room. Later, I go to pick up Stu at the base. I had told him (wow, I am a control freak) that I wanted the proposal to be on the beach. Before we went to the beach, I jumped in the shower. As I am in there, I hear "I have really wanted to do this for awhile....". I yanked back that shower curtain and said, "You are totally not proposing to me while I am in the shower." He laughs nervously.

A little bit later, we go to the beach. The winds are approximately 100 MPH and a sand storm, but I will be darned that I got my beach proposal!

After the proposal, we headed to Hooters (true story - it was right across from the hotel).

Check out that blonde hair!


Long story short, we were married 8 weeks later. Three days later, packed the U Haul and moved to VA. Wouldn't change a thing!


In case you read this in horror at my control totally have to know and understand us to get the humor in it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Proud Papa

I decided to do a little cleaning tonight and opened our entertainment center to dust. Inside, I found about 20 stickers.

Someone relatively short has been shoving her stickers in there. I was wondering where they had all gone.

(Please ignore the picture that I still have not hung). Abby loves to look at this picture.

She points at it and says "Da-Dee" and smiles. She loves her Daddy!
Stu came jumping in the door tonight like a little kid!
Look what Abby made him today! (Better picture of the Father's Day picture below - it was laminated so hit the glare).

Two days....I am going to run out of room very quickly!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Work of Art

I had been home about 15 minutes.
All of a sudden, I spotted it....
The two most beautiful pieces of paper I have ever seen!

Abby's first artwork from Day Care. I cannot get anything out of the refrigerator or walk by the kitchen without staring and smiling at it!
Someone was not happy that I was taking pictures of it.

"FINE, MOM!!" Post the picture.

Such a sweet picture of our little girl. With her crazy hair actually brushed.

Then, of course, running from the camera!