Sunday, June 13, 2010

Visit with Caden

Abby and I went to visit my friend Amber and her little boy Caden today. He will be one in August, but pretty sure they are the same size!

Amber filled Caden's baby pool with water and they played in the shade. I am not kidding you, Amber and I sat and laughed at these two for an hour. Watching them interact was priceless.

Caden looks like he is singing opera and Abby is like "What the heck?"

Playing coy with each other.

A little bit of flirting.

Caden's favorite thing to do was grab a handful of Abby's hair and pull. Little gal was not happy!

She was not good about sharing his toys with him.

Afterwards, they had a delicious snack of goldfish and crackers.

Abby has a band aid on her leg. Walking into Amber's she fell down hard on her legs. She didn't cry until Amber put the band-aid on - drama queen. If you look at the pictures of me at her age, you see the bruises and bug bites on my legs. She is the same way!

If anyone is looking for a second car seat, Kmart has their Costco seats on sale for $39. They are originally $54.99. My parents have been wanting one that they can have and share with Jess. We went and got one today - it is decent for $39.
Of course, my mother insisted on the brown one opposed to the pink one. "Just in case I have grandsons". Then she bought Abby a green chair, "in case she has grandsons". Uh - are you trying to tell me something? Don't hold your breath - we are in no rush. I have plenty of friends with kids or having kids (baby shower next weekend). We can't afford the double day care!!!

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gammy said...

looks like fun, a little smaller then the big pool, but looks like they had plenty of fun.. love you