Sunday, June 6, 2010

17 Months Old

Abby - You are 17 Months Old

Two words to describe you - Perfect and Determined!

  • You are the most organized person that I know. You arrange all your toys, Mommy's wallet, Mommy's makeup, anything that you can get your hands on. We aren't sure HOW you organize it, but to you it makes sense and that is fine with us.

  • You specifically say Yes or No if you want to do something. Are you hungry? Want to put your shoes on? Take a bath? Change your diaper? Take a nap? Go to bed?

  • Your favorite words are Abby, Ali, Quack, Dadee, and Momme. Even though your words are limited, we understand what you want 90% of the time. You are a good pointer.
  • You amaze me that you do not put anything in your mouth. You stayed with Nana and Poppa last night and they said you organized coins for hours. Coins! I remember when you would eat those in a second!

Daddy and Abby rocking in front of Cracker Barrel.

She was more interested in the tags on the chairs.

She really sat there and rocked for quite a few minutes. I have said it before, but she really doesn't wander off. When she did get up, she stayed near us.

Her hair is a mess. I noticed tonight that her hair is starting to get in her eyes. Sigh....I really don't want to get it cut, but I might have to. I will hold off as long as I can.

I thought giving her the little peg-board at Cracker Barrel might entertain her. Man, was I right. She would not leave it alone, even to eat. We finally had to distract her and then hide it.

She would take every peg out, put it in her hand, then put them all back. Over and over again.

I told Stu if she solved it (by jumping the pegs to leave one) we were enrolling her in kindergarten!

When lunch did come, we had ordered her mac and cheese and green beans. That gal would only touch the mac cheese. I tried to get a picture of her chowing down, but she would grab her milk anytime I tried. This is the best picture I could get.


On a side note - we CANNOT get Abby to drink out of a straw. She just doesn't understand what to do. Can anyone help? How did you teach your little ones to drink out of a straw?

We have sippy cups with straws, but you have to bite down to make it work - took me a minute to figure that out. So we have tried with regular straws - nothing!


We also went to Old Fort Park yesterday - it was HOT! But Abby was loving the swings.

And check out this little cutie! Caden will be one in August - he is too cute!

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Anonymous said...

Hey- I hopped over here from Heather's blog. Regarding the straw- this is what I did to get my little man to drink from one. Offer a juice box (or milk box) with a straw. Squeeze it just a little bit so that she knows what she'll get out of the straw. Once my little man realized juice or milk came out of the straw, he was able to use it without problem. Hope this helps!