Friday, June 18, 2010

SUYL - Engagement Story

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Stu and I had been dating about 4 years when he joined the Marine Corps. He joined in February 2005 and was gone to boot camp, then training school. He was living in Chesapeake, VA in the barracks, but knew he was going to be stationed in Yorktown, VA soon.

We had been talking about getting married, but were waiting on him to get his final orders as to where he would be. My job worked out perfectly for me to live in that area. So.....all we needed was the "official" engagement. After discussing with his parents/grandparents, his grandparents wanted to give us their wedding rings. They were VERY hesitant about sending it to a po box at the barracks (completely understand!).

They mailed the engagement ring to Stuart's parents house and I went and picked it up. Yes, you read that right. I picked my own ring up from his parents house to take to him so that he could ask me. But I swear that I did not peek at the ring. It was hard. Especially as I took it on the carry-on with me on the plane in the off chance that my luggage got lost. I almost took out a security guard to see the x-ray machine (totally kidding, but a good idea).

I get to VA and check in the hotel room. Later, I go to pick up Stu at the base. I had told him (wow, I am a control freak) that I wanted the proposal to be on the beach. Before we went to the beach, I jumped in the shower. As I am in there, I hear "I have really wanted to do this for awhile....". I yanked back that shower curtain and said, "You are totally not proposing to me while I am in the shower." He laughs nervously.

A little bit later, we go to the beach. The winds are approximately 100 MPH and a sand storm, but I will be darned that I got my beach proposal!

After the proposal, we headed to Hooters (true story - it was right across from the hotel).

Check out that blonde hair!


Long story short, we were married 8 weeks later. Three days later, packed the U Haul and moved to VA. Wouldn't change a thing!


In case you read this in horror at my control totally have to know and understand us to get the humor in it!


Justine said...

And this story makes me laugh every time! =)

Love the new layout too!

gammy said...

that was great. I love it and can see every bit of it. so happy we are a part you this story