Saturday, June 12, 2010

All About Water

I feel like I have spent the past week in the water. Between swim classes and Nashville Shores, chlorine is coming out of my pores!

Here is a shot of our swim class. We are on the far right.

Getting our noodle.

Attempting to float on the noodle.

She looks so grown up!

Here we are with the teacher hanging out by the side of the pool.

Abby quickly lost interest in the noodle. The bars are the most fascinating part of the pool.

Abby refused to look at the camera.

Exiting the pool up the ramp.

(Somewhat) Successful class!


Amanda, Michelle, Bella, Abby and I went to Nashville Shores today. Pretty sure it was the hottest day of the year. I have the bright-red back to prove it. But no worries, Abby was slathered in SPF 50 every hour!

Keeping up with a toddler at a water park is a FULL TIME job. So needless to say, the pictures are very few.

Here is Abby enjoying a snack and juice.

Tell me that is not one happy little girl!

Amanda did get this shot when Abby and I were in the Lazy River. Abby passed out on top of me for about 30 minutes. I love when she sleeps on me and if that means I have to float around a pool to get it, then I will gladly do it.

Here we are right after the lazy river. She was not ready to get out, but it was time.


After her "nap" we stayed and played in the baby pool for a bit with Michelle and Bella. As soon as we got in the car, Abby was out before we got out of the lot. Bella was right after. I didn't get a picture of Abby sleeping - but please check out Ms. Bella.

Doesn't that just make your neck hurt?

Oh, to be able to sleep like this!


Neely said...

That is one tired kiddo in the car!! But super cute pictures...looks like yall had a blast!

gammy said...

Okay have not been on in a while. I had a lot of catching up. Love the mom and me swimming. what a great idea, Nashville shore Hot. it has been years since we went there.
Love the pics of you when you were that age. my kids had none sorry. guess she got it from Stuart. I love her curls. if anything, just trim up her bangs first.
As working working the concession stand, that was great of you. It is nasty in there and oh so sweet to that little boy. you're a natural. not sure if there was another well about 1 blog vs 2 glad it is 1. love you if i forgot something let me know, I also have my contacts ons