Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • Watching the Bachelorette last night was physically painful. I literally cringed. Singing, tattoos, spandex shorts, made me remember why I watch the show. Then I got to read the reviews by Reality Steve (my new favorite site) and I Hate Green Beans. Love them!
  • I took Abby to Chick Fil A tonight after visiting the library. I knew I was in trouble when I pulled in and a fire truck and giant walking cow were in the parking lot. I was not aware that Tuesday night was "Kids Eat Free" night. I should have just walked away. The kids were running a muck. Barefoot through the restaurant. No parents in sight. I don't even know which kids went with which parents. Total chaos. Needless to say, we ate in a corner and then left.
  • I have noticed that there is a summer reading program at the library. I assumed it was for kids that could actually read. Not true! I signed Abby up today - we have to read 30 books by July 31st. Very excited! (Yes, I am a nerd)
  • My workout plan is going....nowhere. I am still "running" the marathon in October. But I much prefer to sit on the couch reading blogs than to working out.
  • So sad that Dina left the Real Housewives of NJ. I missed the episode last night, but read about it on the Internet. I really liked her.
  • When I put Abby in the car earlier, I swear that she said, "What is that up there?" and pointed to the front seat. Really freaked me out.
  • I have a busy next few weekends coming up...baby shower, lake, wedding, meeting a new baby, girls weekend! I love the summer!
  • I have told Stu to start looking into converting Abby's bed into a toddler bed. I am thinking in the next few months?? She sleeps on a cot in day care, so surely she can convert to this. My only fear is that she will get up in the morning and play with her toys. We will never hear her as she is so quiet. I hate to think of her in there with her ten pound diaper playing around. Do I let her sleep with the door open? Cuz I am telling you now, if I wake up and she is 10 inches from my face, I will scream bloody murder. Plus, we sleep with our bedroom door closed (obviously can change this) and the dog sleeps in a crate in the laundry room with the door open. I don't want her messing with Ali if we are still sleeping. So much to think about!


Jess said...

I swear yesterday she looked at some stuff she had pulled out onto the floor and said, "Abby did that" - I just didn't want to sound crazy. But it sounded exactly like what she said!! She again answered "yeah" or "no" to anything I asked her yesterday. Although I didn't take her no's seriously about a stinky diaper when I smelled it from 3 feet away! Haha

Wiz said...

This season of the Bachelorette is the most painful yet!! The singing....oh the singing. I have not read IHGB yet, but can't wait to do that today!