Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late Last Night

Yesterday was an exhausting day. No real reason, I was just tired.

So, I decided to go to bed early. Also, not having cable is really quite boring.

(Although, I did get to watch the Teen Mom Finale on the it!!)

About 11:45, I woke up to the sound of Abby coughing in the bed. She just kept "coughing" and didn't stop. I heard Stu go in there and say "Oh Abby Honey".

Of course, I jumped right up out of bed and ran in there.

Poor baby was vomiting EVERYWHERE.

All over herself, the bed, her Pillow Pal, even outside of the bed.

We sat her up in the bed and I just held onto her while she continued to throw up in a towel.

Seeing that sweet, tiny body heaving is an image that will haunt me. She just had the most pitiful look on her face. Like she was so sorry that she was throwing up.

When she finally stopped, I took her in the bathroom to give her a bath. That lower lip just started trembling. I ended up just wiping her off with a washcloth.

Stu changed all the sheets and I changed her pajamas.

Our child that never stops talking just stared at us in shock. Big brown eyes wide open with an extremely sad look on her face.

As I have said before, I am so grateful for a healthy baby. I really can't begin to imagine a child that is sick frequently. I thank God every day for her.


She woke up fine today and played as normal. I guess it was just a quick stomach bug.

Hoping that she doesn't have a repeat tonight!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Cleaning

Abby had her first teeth cleaning this morning. It was traumatizing for all of us.

  • The dentist only let one person in the back. So, of course I volunteered.

  • We get to the back and the lady asks Abby to hop up on the chair. I laughed and hopped up on the chair with her.

  • She did try to engage with her and let her touch the tools first. Abby was having none of it.

  • Eventually, I just told her to get on with it.

  • Abby screamed. And screamed. And didn't stop screaming.

  • I think the cleaning took less than 5 minutes. Then it was time for the dentist.

  • During the time that we waited, Abby just sobbed and shook. There was nothing that I could do to calm her down.

  • The dentist (who is super nice) again tried to win over Abby. Again didn't happen.

  • She poked around in her mouth looking for cavities. Meanwhile, the receptionist came back there to try and help hold Abby. It took three of us to control that wild child.

  • When it was over, Abby wouldn't even take a prize. She was too tired and distraught.

  • When we walked back to the front, I thought people were going to stand and clap. The entire office (and possibly the office next door) just had to see who this set of lungs belonged to. That's my gal.

  • Abby didn't have any cavities. We did find out that she will need to have a small surgery in a few years. Her lip and her gums in the front are connected. The dentist said that it is quick surgery with just gas. They will snip it when she is about 4 or 5.

  • Unfortunately, I googled this. It is called frenectomy. Don't google it.

  • I am not worried about it now as we have a few years to think about it. Since she won't let me near her mouth (especially after today), I will have to look at it closer before I make a decision.


We went to my parents for dinner tonight. I had some errands to run, so I left Abby with my parents. Last weekend, my dad sent her home with all of the clothes that she had there. My mom still has some dresses that my Mimi made me. Since she gave her a bath, she put her in one of the dresses.

I didn't have my camera at their house, but I tried to get some pictures when we got home. And yes, she had on her socks and shoes.

Ali wanted in on the action of running from Mommy.

Here is at least the back of the dress with the bloomers - so sweet!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Abby is still not even close to potty training! She will sit on the potty and wipe, but nothing comes out. I am not sure if she is over the novelty of it or what. But we are not even close.


Paci wars are full on. I have tried telling her "All Gone" or "Paci's are for babies" but neither of these are working. She got "spanked" tonight for screaming and immediately asked for her paci. We have been really good about only giving it to her at nap or bed time. That doesn't mean that she doesn't ask for it all time, but we are holding our ground. I really never thought I would let her have it this long, but I have learned to never say never.


Our cable has been out for FOUR days! It really doesn't bother me that much most of the time, but I do like the background noise at night when I am reading or on the computer. Plus, I am pretty pissed that I am missing my shows. They are supposed to come on Friday to look at it - hoping that I last that long.....


Reading stories about babies is so heartbreaking for me. I am so blessed to have a healthy baby. There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing about mommy's losing their babies. Actually just today, there was a story on my company's site about a sick baby and how my company was able to help the family with their medical bills.

With that said, I encourage you to donate here. My future sis-in-law is doing a walk for the March of Babies. She has a friend that has not one, but two angel babies.

They raised $7,000 last year and are hoping to raise $10,000 this year to get a grant to help another family.


I used to enter Giveaways all the time on blogs. Since I never win :( I have pretty much stopped. But there are such good ones out there!

I love this gal's blog and the shop that she is giving away a gift card to has some adorable stuff! I have TONS of baby showers coming up, so I am really on the lookout for unique stuff.


Only a week or two until my first preggar friend finds out the sex. Then the next a few days later. Then my bestie a few weeks after that. I am so excited!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Science Museum

Saturday, our zoo plans were ruined by the freezing weather and threat of rain.

Instead, we decided to head to the Adventure Science Museum. We weren't really sure if it was age appropriate for Abby, but figured we would give it a try.

$32 later, we realized it was a little too old for her.

But here are a few things that she enjoyed:

A slide in the Body Parts section. When you got to the bottom, it made a farting noise. Nice.
She loved looking at the balls that were scooped up by a giant crane.

She really liked driving the crane as well!

As always, a car lover.

We did find this sort shaping box. Abby pretty much could have stayed there all day and night. She was so excited that she could name the colors and get the shapes.

Her second favorite part was walking down the long ramp that went down two stories.



May 2009 at the Aquarium with Mike and Julie. Abby loved touching the alligator.

Trying to take a similar picture beside a dinosaur. Abby was so not having it.


Anybody been to Mule Day? I am thinking about heading that way this Sunday (b-day party on Saturday).

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Little Monkey

Abby loves to read "Five Little Monkeys" every night. She is very adamant nowadays about not getting her picture taken. I actually had to set this camera on the table and try to secretly take pictures. She caught me every time.
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

One Fell Off and Hit His Head
Momma Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said,

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!


Some other things that Abby is doing now.

Colors: She knows purple, red, pink, blue, green, white, black, and of course her favorite, yellow (pronounced lellow).

We still talk to Baby Jesus every night. She puts her hands in a prayer and says all the names that she knows. I used to do it and she would repeat it, but now she does it on her own.

A few nights ago, she woke up about an hour after she went down. She wanted me to rock her and as soon as I sat down, she cupped my hands and said, Baby Jesus. She is just too sweet for words.

I cleaned my car out last weekend. Apparently I didn't put the car seat back in right. I forgot to attach the top part to the back of the SUV. Due to erratic drivers in Smyrna, I had to make a hard right into my apartment complex.
I hear a terrified "Mommy?" from the backseat. Her poor car seat had fallen over! Luckily, we were in our neighborhood, so I just jumped out and righted the seat (and fixed the hook).
Rain ruined our zoo plans for tomorrow, but we are working on another plan!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I thought I would join up with this blog as I sometimes have miscellany posts!
I have been trying to walk every night. Normally, we walk around the complex in circles. Tonight, I ventured out of the apartment complex. I did not realize until I was halfway through the walk just how tough the hill was. Pushing a 40 pound stroller up a hill is NOT fun. My calves are killing me.


My inspiration today was the scale this morning. I don't weigh every day, but did this morning. Saw a number I haven't seen in a looooong time. But a good one!! 2 pounds down, 10 more to go ;)


Abby was an angel on the walk. She is all about colors right now. She told me the color of every car we passed.


After we got home, I started dinner and it was on.

This was her reaction to getting a pink cup instead of a yellow one. Devastation.


I just finished this book.

I don't read the Pioneer Woman's blog, but this book was so good! She has a great sense of humor and it is such a sweet love story. I highly recommend it.


I need new books. I ordered a few on the Nook, but they aren't released yet!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

We have had a wonderful weekend of hanging outside, Mommy getting sunburned (yes, I can get sunburned in March), and lots of summer clothes.
Abby has pretty much decided that she is over the papparazzi called Momma.
Here are the pictures that I did manage to get.
Friday night, Stu was under the weather. So, instead of eating at home, we went out to eat. Abby picked this ensemble for a night on the town. Love the pink crocs.

Saturday, we went to lunch with Bella and Michelle. After, we walked 4 miles on the Greenway. Talk about exhausting. Abby (who didn't walk) wanted to work out after.

She put on my socks and shoes and then said she was ready.

Sunday morning church outfit.
I told her how cute she looked, so of course she had to look.
With all the nice weather, we are having house envy. We still have about 4 months stuck in this apartment. But we can still look!
We drove around Smyrna, LaVergne and Nolensville. Still not sure what we want/can afford, but it is very fun to look! Stu has a rental jeep right now, so we took the top panels off and enjoyed the weather. It put Abby to sleep very quickly. Since she boycotted her nap yesterday, it was great to have some quiet time today.
Dinner at the parents with Jess and JD tonight. Lots of fun wedding talk - can't wait!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Abby is on a 2 day stretch of no naps. On the weekend, this can be standard at least one of the days. But never 2 days in a row.
It is taking a toll on our nights.
She gets to my work about 5ish and her favorite thing to do is hang papers in my cube with thumbtacks. This has earned me the title of "Best Mom Ever" for letting my child play with thumbtacks. Knock on wood, she hasn't pricked herself.
Ride home - fine.
Once we get home, it is on.
Last night Stu was here, so he was able to help. But she did get "swatted" for throwing pearls in my face. She hid in the closet for about 10 minutes. Tonight it was a time out for throwing food.
Bath time is a struggle. Tonight she refused to get it in the tub. I feel that she needs a bath every night. Maybe that is strange, but I do think that. There are a few rare occasions that she doesn't get a bath, but it is pretty rare.
In the middle of her tantrum, she screamed, "I want my paci".
Yes, I gave in.

But really, have you ever seen a sadder face than this?


Lately, Abby has started talking more and more. And more and more.

She constantly asks if we can go see people. Nena, Poppa, Gammy, Riley, Bella.

I started off just telling her that no, we had to go home.

But she is persistent.

Now, I just have to tell her that they are sleeping. I don't know why it works, but it does.

She just says, "Nena, sleeping, Shhhh". And then drops it.

My sweet little baby.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laundry Basket Fun

Abby is obsessed with our laundry basket. She brings it to my all the time and wants me to drag her around in it.

I do want to point out these adorable new pj's. All of Abby's pj's are the long sleeved flannel ones. Her "summer" ones are all 18 month. They still fit, but I wanted to get her new ones. These are so freaking cute and fall right below the knees.

Here she is waiting for me to push her.

She started to get a little upset when I wouldn't stop taking pictures.

Really upset.....


Eventually we did slide around in the house for a bit. She is still not feeling so great, so we didn't get to play long.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Mouse and Bella's Bday

On Sunday, Abby and I met Tracy and her girls at the Discovery Center.
I was super excited because the mouse from "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" was there! I have a special place in my heart for this book. It was actually my second blog post that I did. I love this book. Everything about it.
As you can see, Tracy's kids were more than excited to see the mouse. They kept saying, "Just let me hug him one more time".
Abby.....not so much. She did manage to wave at the mouse twice.

Then we went upstairs and played on the truck. She kept saying, "Mommy, sit here."

Her favorite part of the Discovery Center is the coal mine. She spends literally hours organizing the shovels. Apparently, it is very important that they are organized.
On to sweet Ms. Bella's birthday. She is 6! I really can't believe it. Her favorite place to eat is Toot's, so we met there after work tonight.

Opening presents from Tracy's girls.

Opening the card from Abby and I.
I have to say that I love hanging out with Tracy and Michelle. Between us we have 5 girls! Imagine the looks that we get walking with all of them. I think people just feel sorry for us, lol.
And speaking of, I mentioned that three of my friends are all pregnant and due within about 5 weeks of each other. Only about a month until the first two find out the sex. Then another few weeks until my bestie, Amanda, finds out.
I am thinking 2 boys and 1 girl. Generally, our group has ALOT of boys, so I would love to see more girls though.
Abby was pretty flushed at dinner and had quite a few snot bubbles that were quite appetizing. I got her home and she was burning up! I took her temperature (she hates the butt thermometer!), and it was 101.3. I am really hoping that she feels better soon.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night Ramblings

Why does my child call me by my first name?
She started it last night. I pretty much ignored her until she climbed into my lap 3 inches from my face.
Then I told her "I am Mommy". Serious face.
She has been doing it on and off again tonight.
Very disheartening, lol!

Sorry for no update on the teaser. I am still waiting on pictures to do a post about it.

There is nothing in the world that makes me smile more than seeing a group of military members on a plane ride home (hint, hint)!


Tonight we had leftover spaghetti. Abby was a hot mess with it in her hair, on her nose, all over. I tried to take a picture, but she screamed bloody murder and told me "NO CAMERAS".

I video taped her screaming "No" as it was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. Hopefully, I can get that uploaded on here.


Click her for an update on Julie and Mike. Keep the prayers coming as they start new treatments tomorrow. But they did have a special visitor today!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeah....Not Good

The hair cut that is. It looks like a backwards widow's peak. But c'mon, you have to admit, she is still a little cutie!
Playing dress up.
She got these Minnie Mouse slippers for her birthday. She got the pearl necklace from her beloved "Manda".

Eating spaghetti tonight.

I am not even sure how I convinced her to wear a bib (it has been months and months since she wore one). But it was a good call and she made a huge mess.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Momma's Reading

I don't think that I have done a post on what I am reading lately, but I just finished an awesome I wanted to share.

Why I Stayed by Gayle Haggard

About 5ish years ago, there was a preacher in Colorado that was accused of homosexual indiscretion. This is his and his wife's story. This is the most amazing story that I have ever read of forgiveness. Her story about their fall from the church and how they recovered from it is remarkable. Although it is a religious book, it is a great story as well.

The Secret
I read about 2 pages of this and was bored. I thought it was some phenomenal story that is on all of the Best Sellers lists. I am not sure what it was that I hated, but I just couldn't read it.

Secrets of a Shoe Addict by Beth Harbison

I am always looking for a new chick-lit author and I think I found it! It was silly and just a fun read. I am really looking forward to more of her books.

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

This is by far my favorite author. I have been waiting for her new book forever. She covers controversial topics mixed with courtroom stories. This new one is about gay rights. I am about 20 pages in and so excited!

(Also, my first major Nook purchase - $14.99 eek!)


Any suggestions for my next reading??


I personally want to thank everyone that has contacted me with their well wishes for Julie. I know that it means alot to her and I have passed along everything that has been said to me.

If you are interested in sending a card to them, she has posted her address on her blog. They are staying strong and just taking it one day at a time.


A quick teaser......I have some GREAT news that I can share in a few days (I am NOT, NOT at all). But I am excited about something that I can share that is near and dear to my heart.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Indoor Crafts

Inspired by Kelly's Korner, I have been working on some indoor craft ideas for Abby. I have been wanting to do this for awhile to give her something more to do when she is stuck inside all day with Daddy (on cold days).
Speaking of cold days....what happened today? It was like 30 degrees outside (maybe more, but it was freezing).
These are from yesterday afternoon:
Playing with ice cubes.
I stole this idea straight from Kelly's blog. Stuart told me I was crazy, that Abby would never find this fun.

Boy, was he wrong.
Sorry for the weird angle, I was trying to not disturb her.

But she didn't catch on right away to use the spoon. She kept trying to pick up the cubes and put them in the spoon and then move them.

Eventually, I got her a bigger bowl and it worked for her.

Until she tried to pick up the bowl. She spilled the entire bowl on her pants. So, those had to be removed.

Up next....marshmallows and toothpicks. (Note that the boots had to come back on. Also note, a curious little dog that just wanted one bite).
Oh My Goodness. 45 minutes of no talking from her .
(And that is rare....she talks from the minute that she gets up to the minute she goes to sleep).
Please pray for one of my best friends. She was at the hospital when Abby was born. She and I have talked for hours over the years. Moving from NC was probably one of the hardest things that I had to do - leave her. But since our friendship is so strong, we still regularly talk.
Now, she is going through something that I would not wish on anyone. You can read all about it here.
I firmly believe in the love of God to everyone. He does have a plan for everyone. And when you are going through something tough in life, He is carrying you. So, I just ask that you pray for them.
Pray that radiation and chemo help Mike.
Pray that Julie remains strong through this.
Pray that Audrey gets to spend as much time as possible with her Daddy.
Pray that the Lord shows Himself to them. And lets them know that even in their darkest house, He is there.
After church today, we had lunch with Michelle and Bella. Poor Bella. Abby says her name about a hundred times when we see her. Bella will be 6 this month and really just doesn't get why Abby does it. It is too funny.
After that, we went to the craft store. Then, Abby fell asleep in the car. This is such a rare moment that I had to snap a picture.

How precious is she bundled up in her coat??

One of the "crafts" that I got her were beads and pipe cleaner. It did keep her busy.
But....she said, "Mommy Look" no less than a thousand times.
I gave Abby a hair cut tonight. I figured that since we have such bad experiences, might as well have them at home. She sat very patiently for it, but Momma is no hair dresser. It looks horrible. Very short and uneven. I am embarrassed to show pictures! I am sure I will soon though.
We are watching 127 Hours (instead of Desperate Housewives, which I am not happy about). This movie is crazy. I can only watch some parts. I love James Franco, but this is pretty brutal. Pretty sure that I will not be hiking anytime soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Night of Bowling

Tonight, my work had a bowling party. I decided to take Ms. Abby with me. It was from 6:30 to 8:30, so I figured that she would at least make it halfway through.
Girl made it all the way and then did not want to leave!
I didn't get a good picture, but one of my co-workers makes animal balloons. Abby got a dog, a rabbit, and a hat. The hat did NOT go over well, as I tried to warn him. But he did make it into a dog that she loved.

Then it was on to the bowling!

I called it "mini bowling", but apparently it is called duck pin bowling.

It was mini bowling balls on short lanes. The pins were on a string of some sort that fell over, but then came back up.

I do think that Abby's favorite part was the balls coming out of the shoot thing.

She finally figured out that by running further down the lanes, she could knock down more pins.

She REALLY hit her stride when she went all the way down to where the pins were.
All in all, she knocked down 496 pins. Pretty sure that is the best bowling record ever! I had to wrestle her out of there about 8:40. Then an hour drive home. The entire time of very sleepy "Hi Mommy" and "Hi Abby" back and forth.
Once we got home, we discovered that that Ali (not surprisingly) pooped in the foyer. I put Abs in pj's and the entire time she said "Ali Pood".
But, I have not heard a peep since. Hoping that she sleeps in tomorrow. Stu and I just got done watching some Rock movie, but it is still late and Mommy wants to sleep in!
About 3-4 months ago, we lost the cord to our external hard drive. I mentioned to Stu tonight that I really wish we could find it as I have a new post idea.
Let me just mention that our couch eats things. Seriously. There is a lip of some sort that things just seem to fall into.

We cleaned it out and this is what we found.
Minus the camera cord (which was already on the arm of the couch), we found 2 bracelets, 5 crayons, nail clippers, cell phone (old), 1 marker, 4 pins, a wind up toy and *AHA* the cord!
So soon, Ill have a blast from the past sort of post coming.
Happy weekending!