Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeah....Not Good

The hair cut that is. It looks like a backwards widow's peak. But c'mon, you have to admit, she is still a little cutie!
Playing dress up.
She got these Minnie Mouse slippers for her birthday. She got the pearl necklace from her beloved "Manda".

Eating spaghetti tonight.

I am not even sure how I convinced her to wear a bib (it has been months and months since she wore one). But it was a good call and she made a huge mess.


gammy said...

that haircut reminds me of the one my sister Carole got when she was little. I'll have to find it. I love it.

Katie said...

WOW really did cut those bangs short....luckily Abby is so cute it doesn't matter;)I am so glad you have this blog so she can one day look back and laugh at this one day!

Jules said...

That's my apron!! :-)