Friday, March 4, 2011

Night of Bowling

Tonight, my work had a bowling party. I decided to take Ms. Abby with me. It was from 6:30 to 8:30, so I figured that she would at least make it halfway through.
Girl made it all the way and then did not want to leave!
I didn't get a good picture, but one of my co-workers makes animal balloons. Abby got a dog, a rabbit, and a hat. The hat did NOT go over well, as I tried to warn him. But he did make it into a dog that she loved.

Then it was on to the bowling!

I called it "mini bowling", but apparently it is called duck pin bowling.

It was mini bowling balls on short lanes. The pins were on a string of some sort that fell over, but then came back up.

I do think that Abby's favorite part was the balls coming out of the shoot thing.

She finally figured out that by running further down the lanes, she could knock down more pins.

She REALLY hit her stride when she went all the way down to where the pins were.
All in all, she knocked down 496 pins. Pretty sure that is the best bowling record ever! I had to wrestle her out of there about 8:40. Then an hour drive home. The entire time of very sleepy "Hi Mommy" and "Hi Abby" back and forth.
Once we got home, we discovered that that Ali (not surprisingly) pooped in the foyer. I put Abs in pj's and the entire time she said "Ali Pood".
But, I have not heard a peep since. Hoping that she sleeps in tomorrow. Stu and I just got done watching some Rock movie, but it is still late and Mommy wants to sleep in!
About 3-4 months ago, we lost the cord to our external hard drive. I mentioned to Stu tonight that I really wish we could find it as I have a new post idea.
Let me just mention that our couch eats things. Seriously. There is a lip of some sort that things just seem to fall into.

We cleaned it out and this is what we found.
Minus the camera cord (which was already on the arm of the couch), we found 2 bracelets, 5 crayons, nail clippers, cell phone (old), 1 marker, 4 pins, a wind up toy and *AHA* the cord!
So soon, Ill have a blast from the past sort of post coming.
Happy weekending!

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gammy said...

wow Abby sure did have fun! What about you? how did you bowl? I love duck pin bowling my mom and I used to bowl in RI on a league.