Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby's First Book

The best children’s book of all time is “If you give a mouse a cookie…”. For those of you that haven’t read it, you are missing out. The point of the story is that when you give this mouse what he wants, he just goes on to want more. If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want a glass of milk, then a napkin, and so on. Eventually he will get hungry again and want a cookie.

I love to read and cannot wait to read bedtime stories to our child, might even start when he/she is in the belly.

But I am outraged at the cost of children’s books. This book cost $15.99!! I don’t buy books for myself that cost that much and this one has less than 50 words in it. Maybe I am paying for the pictures, but I would assume in this day and age, each book is not hand painted, so why is it so freaking expensive?

In Jacksonville, it is hard to drive anywhere on Saturday morning and not see a yard sale. And since Onslow county has the highest birth rate in the state, the majority of items are children’s items. This Saturday, I stopped at a few yard sales and managed to buy children’s books for $0.25. I encourage anyone that has children to share their books or sell them at yard sales. Some will have sentimental value of course (see above on “If you give a mouse a cookie”), but I know there are books that are sitting in attics and basements gathering dust.

I also wrote this particular article to show what I would like at my baby shower!!! Everyone has a favorite children’s book and I think it is sweet and personal to get a present that means something! So keep that in mind…..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baby Time!

As everyone should now know, Stuart and I are expecting our first child! I guess the point of having a blog is to tell a story, so my first is how we found out. Stuart left for training in California on Wednesday, April 23rd. That Sunday, the 27th I was in Walmart and picked up a pregnancy test (actually came with two of them). When I got home from the store, I took the test and it immediately showed positive! I was shocked. So, thinking it had to be defective, I waited a few hours and then took it again. Positive again!

The first person that I wanted to call was Stuart of course, but I couldnt call him since he was out training. So I just worried myself all that night, got up the next morning at 6 and drove to the doctor's office to be there when they opened at 8. When I got there, I was told that they were not accepting walk-ins and I would have to make an appointment. They scheduled me for that Thursday and when I told them it was quite urgent that I find out, they moved it to Wednesday. Fantastic....3 more days to worry!

So Stuart calls that night. I ask him if he is sitting down, he says yes. I tell him the news and there is dead silence on the phone for 5 minutes. After the initial shock, he was more than thrilled and I believe made the announcement to his entire battalion.

At the doctor's office on Wednesday, they confirm that we are pregnant and my due date is Christmas Day!

Fast forward to now, I have since had a ultrasound, picture below. They changed my due date to January 4th and we got to hear the sweet little heart beat!!