Monday, January 30, 2012

Mish Mash

Yes, another random post. We haven't had anything major going on, just random stuff!
I completely forgot about these pictures of Audrey and Abby at the playground.

The gals going down the slide.

Abby loved pushing Audrey on the swings.
Yep, wearing a tutu again.
Stu and I are stuck in a food rut. So we joined Emealz (I can't link for some reason).
We have only made 2 recipes so far, but the grocery list that prints is very helpful.
I loved the Mexican Black Bean Chili tonight, but poor Abs got an upset stomach from it. I had to give her Tums (after googling that it was ok) and lots of milk. She has her momma's weak stomach!
I will keep you updated as we try new meals.
I woke up Saturday morning determined to do something productive.
I am SO ready to do yard work again.....but since I can't, we will work on the inside.
I am not a fan of "gaudy gold" hardware in the house. Most people don't notice it, but for some reason I do.
So I got the family together for a trip to Lowe's.
(Different rooms, but you get the idea).

We replaced all the door knobs and hinges on all the interior doors.

I am in love! I think they look so much better and smile every time I see them.

Have you seen Courageous?
It is a Christian movie about fathers that make a pact to be better Godly fathers.
We watched it Sat night. I cried so hard and so loud that:
1. Stu was concerned about me, repeatedly asking if I was going to be ok.
2. My friends the NEXT day asked if I was hung over (my eyes were almost swollen shut and my head pounded).
It was really good, but hit me so hard about being a good parent. And not just being "good enough".
I recommend it, but it touched something in me that inspired me to teach Abs more about God and Jesus.
Speaking of church...I was getting Abby ready Sun morning. I just bought her some new tights from Target. They were way too big, so I asked her to put on the leggings that I bought her.
She came back with the leggings on, but socks as well.
I debated it. But in the end I decided that was too embarrassing. For both of us.
She felt differently and screamed to wear the socks because "my feet are cold".
In the end, she wore the too-big tights, but her tantrum was hilarious. Ali even sniffed her out.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Misc Thoughts

A few random updates with pictures of Abs at the Opryland thrown in there!
Potty Training: We are good! It has been about a month. She only uses a pull-up at bed time, but it was dry this morning. We are hoping for more dry mornings to come.
She did have a bad accident this weekend. She and Audrey were playing and all of a sudden she ran to the bathroom, then started screaming/crying. I went in there and she had a bad accident. Of course, I didn't yell at her. She was so mortified on her own.

Every Friday at day care is Show and Tell. Tomorrow is bring something clear or see through. We usually talk about it on the way home, deciding what to bring.

She had plenty of suggestions, mainly items that made noise (that was the theme last week).

Finally, she came up with the perfect idea.

A triangle made of watermelons.

Seriously?? Where does she come up with this??

Abby loves movies. Every night she wants to watch one. So every night we have to watch one of her movies.
It takes a lot of skill to turn that movie off at just the right time, so she thinks it is over. Bedtime is 7:30 on the dot.
I am reading some really good books. I am hoping to post a book review soon. I could read all day long!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BFF's from NC

Our besties Julie and Audrey came to visit this weekend!

Abby takes a while to warm up to people, but after just barely a day, she loved "Ms.Julie".

Abby showing off the stairs to her friend Audrey.
Who joined her very soon. With a lollipop.
Aren't they just the sweetest little gals?
Finally, a smile from both of them!
**Side Bar: I had a friend ask me recently if Abby still had that gap in her mouth. Yep, tooth still broken. Good to know that people don't even notice it though!
The girls walking towards the waterfall.
*Abby loaned Audrey a matching tutu for the day.
Splashing in the fountain.
Another sweet pic!
Julie and Audrey, we are so glad that you came to visit us!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mommy and Me

Very Rarely Seen Photos!
I never take pics of myself.....
(and I totally have some crazy eye situation going on, I usually never wear my glasses in public!)

Abby and I on the boat at Opryland Hotel. She is so thrilled to have her pic taken.

I smiled, she could care less.
She was more interested in comparing our hands.
Once again, she totally dressed herself for the event.
Tutu...check. Purple headband....check.
We had a great day. I have lots most pics to share, just too.tired.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Healthy Years

Abby had her 3 year appointment yesterday.
29 lbs and 6 ounces
36 inches (3 feet!)
I will say that I am about 90% confident in these stats, only because Abby threw such a fit.
For the weight, we had to weigh her on the baby scale. She refused to stand on the scale. And it took 3 tries because she tried to jump off the table.
For the height, she refused to stand up against the wall, so we (as in me and the poor male nurse) had to hold her to the table and make the marks and then measure them later.
It is amazing to me that at her 2 year appt (where she again refused the scale and standing on the wall), she was 28 lbs 11 ounces and 33 inches tall. She has gained less than a pound, but three inches. She is a skinny minnie!

Only pic that I got of her at the doctor.....


One question I asked:

What are night terrors?

Basically, it is when kids appear to be awake, but aren't. It normally happens a few hours after they go to sleep. You can't reason with them or comfort them. They just cry and scream and there is almost nothing that you can do to console them.

Abby has had a few of these in the past month and it scares the crap out of me. So once I confirmed that is what they are, the doctor gave me the advice to just sit back and let her come out of it on her own.

It is terrifying and really hard to watch your kiddo go through one. But I feel better knowing what they are and that they are normal.

So thankful that we have a sweet, healthy, very strong-willed, beautiful little girl!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just the Beginning.....

of Awards Season! ( Super Bowl)
This post will probably take me the entire night, but I still wanted to share (my computer is super sensitive, so I will be typing something and then I am on a completely different line....very frustrating).
Overall thought....the Globes are the most tame of the awards season. So are the dresses. But I would have to think if I had the money, this is where I would invest it! Especially if this was the only show I went to (which for some of them this is). goes.
The Hits:

Elle is gorgeous. She probably could wear a brown bag with a pretty ribbon and blow everyone away. But I loved this dress. Even the tulle, it was just the right mix.

Angelina looks like Morticia most of the time, but she did have one of the best dresses on the red carpet. The red accents were classic and I am glad she stayed away from the black.
I loved the lilac color. A color can make a dress.
I debated this one. I am not crazy about the length (it looks like she didn't have it hemmed), but Reese has such a good look (the hair and subtle makeup) that she made up for it.
This is a girl that has a good stylist. This is a good year for The Help ladies and she chose a dress that made her stand out.
Tad too mermaid-y, but you gotta love Sofia and her curves. The color was beautiful as well. She does very well picking out bold colors.
You might be surprised by this hit. But it was pretty on the carpet. You can't really tell, but the top was embellished with tons of pearls. It was unique and I think she made a good choice.
Looking at pictures now, it does look a little plain. But let me just tell you, when Stacy showed up on that red carpet, she was glowing. It MIGHT have been the glow off George that caught my eye, can't say for sure. Either way, she made it a hit.
I had the awards on while we were eating dinner. I made the comment to Stu "Mila is just one of the prettiest girls out there". But when I saw this picture, I was disappointed.
If you have read my past reviews, you know I am not a fan of Nicole on the carpet. I hate the color and the beading, but I did like the shape of this dress. I thought it gave her a good shape.
Natalie was my pick for best dress last year. That is the only reason she is not in the Misses category. But seriously, minus the extra mini person behind her, I am pretty sure I wore this same dress to prom.
Did you know that Madonna hasn't been to the Globes in 14 years?
Hell, I am wondering when was the last time she was on a red carpet at all.
There is so much wrong with this dress. I am blushing just looking at it.
Actually, now that I think more about it - it look likes the evil witch in The Little Mermaid.
Ugh - Emma!
This is your year! The Help....somebody help this girl.
A really old wedding dress? Maybe a joke since she is (maybe) engaged. Don't think by cutting a slit in the front it dolls it up. Because it doesn't.
She does get points for creativity. But this dress is one million swans cut out and glued together.
Where would you even think that up?
Oh, it is just getting worse. Bedazzle me!
Zooey is the "it" girl right now. Certain stars just have to step it up a notch in their prime time and she definitely did not get that memo.
And the worse.....
There is so much hype about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This girl went from being a nobody to one of the hottest young stars. And then showed up in this. My jaw dropped.
So.much.potential. Is she in character? If so, she sucks at life. Why not make every one's jaw drop in amazement?
And apparently she took the opposite approach from Reese. Her dress was hemmed too much, so a garbage bag was used to fill in.
Agree? Disagree?
As always, just my opinion.......I have no fashion style, just love the red carpet!
All pics from Us Magazine or Yahoo.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day of Art

The plan for my day off was to hang at the Discovery Center. We no longer have a membership, but it was free today. Apparently, I am not the only person that knew that.
We couldn't even park at the center, we had to park a mile away and walk. As soon as I figured that out and saw the drizzle of rain, we were out of there. I knew it would be packed.
So instead, I grabbed my momma and we all headed to Nash Vegas to the Frist Center (again, free today).

I was a little worried about taking Abby to an "art museum".

**Note the bow - she picked it out!

But they had an entire area called "ArtQuest" for kiddos. We spent over an hour there.
Abby working the magnet shapes.
After making a hat.
And my favorite, coloring on an easel. She looks so grown up!
We did take a break to check out art - bad idea.
The first exhibit was based on Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho. The second was alot of naked Baby Jesus', a woman carrying a plate with a head on it, and lastly that headless man laying dead in a bed.
We went through that pretty quick!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend So Far

It is only January and we are already stir crazy. Or at least I am.
And tomorrow is MLK Day so Abs day care is closed. We are hanging out all day....I can't wait, but I def. have a few plans up my sleeve!

First of all, Ali got a new bed. It is huge, but she never wants to leave it. How cute is she all snug in her bed. ??

We made a trip to the mall today. Abby wanted to ride in the boat. Did you know that it costs 75 cents for a 2 minute ride?? Ridiculous.
I cannot look at this picture without cracking up. Can you find Abby?

Me and my momma walked right in the play area. Abby wasn't having any part of it.
Eventually we got her in there and she loved the canoe.
She played for a bit and totally held her own against the older kids in there.
It may take her a minute, but she gets into playing eventually!
After the mall, we went home so I could watch the Globes.
Side note: Probably no reviews this year. I am still maneuvering this new computer and it is HARD. Way too stressful to blog anything but the Abs.
Abby got a necklace making set for her birthday. I brought that out today in hopes of distracting her while I watched the red carpet.
Here is the end result. Of the 100 beads, she did about 5.
But she was SOOOO happy about her new necklace that it was worth it for me to string it.
* I just noticed her hand. I had told her to showcase her necklace. Apparently that was code for "wave hand wildly".