Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend So Far

It is only January and we are already stir crazy. Or at least I am.
And tomorrow is MLK Day so Abs day care is closed. We are hanging out all day....I can't wait, but I def. have a few plans up my sleeve!

First of all, Ali got a new bed. It is huge, but she never wants to leave it. How cute is she all snug in her bed. ??

We made a trip to the mall today. Abby wanted to ride in the boat. Did you know that it costs 75 cents for a 2 minute ride?? Ridiculous.
I cannot look at this picture without cracking up. Can you find Abby?

Me and my momma walked right in the play area. Abby wasn't having any part of it.
Eventually we got her in there and she loved the canoe.
She played for a bit and totally held her own against the older kids in there.
It may take her a minute, but she gets into playing eventually!
After the mall, we went home so I could watch the Globes.
Side note: Probably no reviews this year. I am still maneuvering this new computer and it is HARD. Way too stressful to blog anything but the Abs.
Abby got a necklace making set for her birthday. I brought that out today in hopes of distracting her while I watched the red carpet.
Here is the end result. Of the 100 beads, she did about 5.
But she was SOOOO happy about her new necklace that it was worth it for me to string it.
* I just noticed her hand. I had told her to showcase her necklace. Apparently that was code for "wave hand wildly".


gammydi said...

Abby I love your necklace.. You did such a great job! Ann what is going on with your computer. I always look forward to your hit or misses.

Wiz said...

Boo for not posting about the Globes :) But tell me, what was your faves and the worst??