Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Day at the Zoo

New Years Eve was a beautiful day, I think 55 degrees.
I couldn't imagine sitting inside all day, so we headed to the Nashville Zoo.

Abby after the reptile house. She HATED it. We told her that she would get to see frogs, but she refused to look in any of the exhibits. And screamed the whole time.

The reptile house is Stu and I's favorite. Don't get me wrong, I hate creepy, crawly stuff, but I love looking at them through thick glass.

The only thing she even remotely enjoyed was a "dancing" iguana that bobbed its head up and down.

Checking out a gorilla with Daddy.
We thought that she would love the "pink birds" and talked them up to her.
When we finally got to the exhibit, she just kept saying, "Where are the pink birds, these are orange??"
She was tired when we got to the elephants and really over the picture taking.
And a typical picture. Out before we got out of the gate.
**We got her this puppy dog hat for Christmas. She wears it everywhere.**
Another Christmas present. Tinkerbell pj's.
Santa brought her the movie Tinkerbell as well. She has no interest in it. Her obsession is the Snow White movie. We have watched it at least twice a day this 3 day weekend. And we usually watch a portion of it every night before bed.
I won't go off on a tangent.....but I HATE this movie. If you haven't watched it in 10 years, watch it. It is super scary and just wrong on so many levels. Hopefully this is just a phase and we can move on to something a little more light-hearted.
I love this picture. She looks like a grown up.
I cleaned out her closet today and she wanted to try on every dress in there. This is actually a dress that I bought 2 years ago. I kept it in her closet to use as a shirt. She felt that it was OK as a dress. Not sure how Daddy will feel about a dress that short!
We had an awesome New Years Eve (nope, not one picture).
We had some friends over with kids that were Abby's age. They played and screamed until about 11. Then they laid upstairs and watched movies (yes, Snow White) until 1:30! I couldn't believe it! Abby has never stayed up past 9
Thankfully she slept until 9 the next morning.


gammydi said...

sweetest little girl I know. so proud of her.

Wiz said...

Love that picture of her. She looks beautiful!