Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby!

Abby turned 3 on Friday. Where does the time go??
We had a sweet little family dinner of spaghetti and cupcakes Friday night and then a crazy birthday party on Sunday.

But first, a little brag on Abby.

I made her lay down on the floor beside the word that she spelled on.her.own.

Ali - her bestest friend.

Digging into that birthday cupcake. They were mint chocolate with green icing.
Making a bit of a mess.

Side note - I let her pick her outfit for school on Friday. She chose this Minnie shirt which is actually a pj top. But hey, it was her birthday!
Opening her fishing game. She loves this game and has only broken 2 pieces so far!
Her present from Daddy.
An Ariel castle and boat. The boat actually squirts water about 8 inches in the air. Abby hates that water and won't let me turn it on. But she thinks that slide for the miniature Mermaids is the best thing that ever happened!
On to the party:
We had about 20 adults and 10-12 kids. It was crazy town.
I put a tablecloth over the coffee table and set up a little area for the kids to decorate party hats.
Abby was the only girl for about half the party, so it didn't really get used. Those boys were running all over the house!
The food table.
We had a cake, sandwiches, cookies, cheese and crackers, fruit and dip.
Her sweet cake.
She was so sweet when everyone sang her "Happy Birthday".
I love that little gal.
Blowing out her candles.
I was really worried she would spit on the cake, but she handled it like a champ!
Opening presents.
I couldn't get many pictures as I had about 5 little boys trying to open her presents too! They were hilarious. But Abby was very gracious and I even got her to say "Thank you" a few times (yes, we practiced thanking people).
The two "older" kids. They were over the younger ones and went upstairs to play one of her new games.
Yep, 2 hours and those are the only pictures that I got! But it was so fun and I am so grateful for all the friends and family that we have. They are wonderful!
Next year - party not at my house though!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was cute the way Abby kept her party hat on the whole time. Her pigtail holders kept it in place. Great party and good food!


gammydi said...

You did a great job. snacks were yummy, Stuart dip was delicious. I loved the hat decorating. such a great idea. Might just use it for Chris's birthday..Not sure where his ended up, but he did a good job. Evan had a great time hanging with the guys in the man cave.. I enjoyed watching you girls chit chat and the little babies... oh my they were so sweet. We had a great time. thanks. Abby was sweet.

SueB said...

Looked like a fun day!! Abby looked so adorable! She is so sweet, remembering to say thank you for her gifts.

It's not easy to put together a party with so many people. We had a pool party this past summer with about 25 kids plus their parents...and it rained halfway through!! Not easy to have so many kids "invade" your home and run around screaming.

Looks like you handled it all very smoothly ~ glad you all had a great time!