Thursday, January 26, 2012

Misc Thoughts

A few random updates with pictures of Abs at the Opryland thrown in there!
Potty Training: We are good! It has been about a month. She only uses a pull-up at bed time, but it was dry this morning. We are hoping for more dry mornings to come.
She did have a bad accident this weekend. She and Audrey were playing and all of a sudden she ran to the bathroom, then started screaming/crying. I went in there and she had a bad accident. Of course, I didn't yell at her. She was so mortified on her own.

Every Friday at day care is Show and Tell. Tomorrow is bring something clear or see through. We usually talk about it on the way home, deciding what to bring.

She had plenty of suggestions, mainly items that made noise (that was the theme last week).

Finally, she came up with the perfect idea.

A triangle made of watermelons.

Seriously?? Where does she come up with this??

Abby loves movies. Every night she wants to watch one. So every night we have to watch one of her movies.
It takes a lot of skill to turn that movie off at just the right time, so she thinks it is over. Bedtime is 7:30 on the dot.
I am reading some really good books. I am hoping to post a book review soon. I could read all day long!

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Wiz said...

Yay for book reviews! I so wish I had more time to read, but sigh, maybe someday :)