Monday, January 23, 2012

Mommy and Me

Very Rarely Seen Photos!
I never take pics of myself.....
(and I totally have some crazy eye situation going on, I usually never wear my glasses in public!)

Abby and I on the boat at Opryland Hotel. She is so thrilled to have her pic taken.

I smiled, she could care less.
She was more interested in comparing our hands.
Once again, she totally dressed herself for the event.
Tutu...check. Purple headband....check.
We had a great day. I have lots most pics to share, just too.tired.

1 comment:

SueB said...

Ann, you look really nice with your glasses on!! I rarely wear mine in public either...I'm so spoiled with my contacts. LOL

Abby looks adorable in her little tutu!!

Glad you had so much fun on the boat at the Opryland Hotel! My friends here in Jersey would be sooo envious to see this ~ they are country music fanatics and are looking to plan a girls trip to Nashville one day!! They would say you are the luckiest girl in the world to live so close to the country music capital of the world!!

If you could share any other "must see" country music sites located in or near Nashville on your blog, it would truly be appreciated! They are truly die-hard country music fans!! Thanks so much Ann!!