Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just the Beginning.....

of Awards Season! (Aka....my Super Bowl)
This post will probably take me the entire night, but I still wanted to share (my computer is super sensitive, so I will be typing something and then I am on a completely different line....very frustrating).
Overall thought....the Globes are the most tame of the awards season. So are the dresses. But I would have to think if I had the money, this is where I would invest it! Especially if this was the only show I went to (which for some of them this is).
Anywhoo....here goes.
The Hits:

Elle is gorgeous. She probably could wear a brown bag with a pretty ribbon and blow everyone away. But I loved this dress. Even the tulle, it was just the right mix.

Angelina looks like Morticia most of the time, but she did have one of the best dresses on the red carpet. The red accents were classic and I am glad she stayed away from the black.
I loved the lilac color. A color can make a dress.
I debated this one. I am not crazy about the length (it looks like she didn't have it hemmed), but Reese has such a good look (the hair and subtle makeup) that she made up for it.
This is a girl that has a good stylist. This is a good year for The Help ladies and she chose a dress that made her stand out.
Tad too mermaid-y, but you gotta love Sofia and her curves. The color was beautiful as well. She does very well picking out bold colors.
You might be surprised by this hit. But it was pretty on the carpet. You can't really tell, but the top was embellished with tons of pearls. It was unique and I think she made a good choice.
Looking at pictures now, it does look a little plain. But let me just tell you, when Stacy showed up on that red carpet, she was glowing. It MIGHT have been the glow off George that caught my eye, can't say for sure. Either way, she made it a hit.
I had the awards on while we were eating dinner. I made the comment to Stu "Mila is just one of the prettiest girls out there". But when I saw this picture, I was disappointed.
If you have read my past reviews, you know I am not a fan of Nicole on the carpet. I hate the color and the beading, but I did like the shape of this dress. I thought it gave her a good shape.
Natalie was my pick for best dress last year. That is the only reason she is not in the Misses category. But seriously, minus the extra mini person behind her, I am pretty sure I wore this same dress to prom.
Did you know that Madonna hasn't been to the Globes in 14 years?
Hell, I am wondering when was the last time she was on a red carpet at all.
There is so much wrong with this dress. I am blushing just looking at it.
Actually, now that I think more about it - it look likes the evil witch in The Little Mermaid.
Ugh - Emma!
This is your year! The Help....somebody help this girl.
A really old wedding dress? Maybe a joke since she is (maybe) engaged. Don't think by cutting a slit in the front it dolls it up. Because it doesn't.
She does get points for creativity. But this dress is one million swans cut out and glued together.
Where would you even think that up?
Oh, it is just getting worse. Bedazzle me!
Zooey is the "it" girl right now. Certain stars just have to step it up a notch in their prime time and she definitely did not get that memo.
And the worse.....
There is so much hype about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This girl went from being a nobody to one of the hottest young stars. And then showed up in this. My jaw dropped.
So.much.potential. Is she in character? If so, she sucks at life. Why not make every one's jaw drop in amazement?
And apparently she took the opposite approach from Reese. Her dress was hemmed too much, so a garbage bag was used to fill in.
Agree? Disagree?
As always, just my opinion.......I have no fashion style, just love the red carpet!
All pics from Us Magazine or Yahoo.

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Wiz said...

I am so glad you picked Angelina as one of the best dressed. People are always hating on her no matter what she wears but I think she is gorgeous. My worst for the night was Jessica Biel and I also loved Octavia Spencer. Her dress was very flattering on her plus I loved her!

Yay, so glad you did these post. I always look forward to them :)