Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doctor Appointments

I had my glucose test today. I had to fast for 12 hours before. I got there about 8 this morning and they pricked my finger. Then I had 5 minutes to drink this drink that tasted like an orange Crush. After that, I sat in the waiting room for an hour (luckily, I was smart enough to bring a book). Then they drew blood and sent me on my way!

I went back at 11:30 for my regular appointment. Some of the labs were in already and so far, everything looked good. My total weight gain has been about 20 pounds, nothing dramatic. The baby's heartbeat was good, she found it right away.

I have had some crazy heartburn and sometimes Tums helps, sometimes not. The doctor prescribed Zantac for the extreme cases. I am hesitant to take since I am not a fan of any kind of medicine, but the heartburn can be so intense, I think I will have to.

Things are going great and my next appointment is October 28.

In the meantime, my birthday is tomorrow (!), Ali has a Howl-O-Ween party, I have a Halloween party, lots going on this month. And the house painter is coming tomorrow to give me an estimate on the nursery - time to get started.....pictures to come!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pink, pink and more pink!!!!

Before packing everything up for the trip back home, I figured some pictures were due. I laid abut 80% of it out on two beds and snapped away. This is actually not even all of it from the two showers, but I think most people will get the idea that we are def. having a girl!!!

Baby Einstein play set and the bedding for the nursery. The nursery theme is princess with castles, frogs (princes) and unicorns. May all your dreams come true!!!!

Pink clothes along with the more practical items such as bottles and wipe warmers.

Even more pink clothes. I think she will be the best dressed gal in Jacksonville(at least for the first 6 months).

Bag, burp cloth and bib with her name stitched on!

As you can see, we have gotten a ton of stuff. Once I get back to Jacksonville, time to start on the nursery! As soon as I start getting it set up, Ill post pictures!

Baby Shower # 2

My mom hosted a baby shower for us this past Sun (Sept 21).

Mom and her friends, Sarah and Charlotte

Amanda, me and cousin Emily

Diane and Susie

Emily and Aunt Sandra

Friends from church - Jaime and Cathy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

25 week Baby Bump

25 weeks now! Time is flying! The third trimester is right around the corner! Also, today (September 23) is exactly 2 months since Stuart left for Iraq. Time really does fly. He is doing well, ready to come home of course. I have had a few people ask about the baby's name. Her name is Abigail "Abby" Marie. She is doing quite well and likes to move around in the mornings if I am sleeping in or at night when I am trying to go to sleep. It can be very comforting to feel her moving around and it is definitely not like I expected.

Mom and I

Dad and I

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Shower #1

My first baby shower was September 13th. My best friends Amanda and Michelle hosted it at Amanda's house. The theme was pink! I got many great presents, including the main bedding for the nursery (princess), blankets, socks, stuffed animals, books, and a custom bag/bib with Abby's name on it!

Amanda, Me and Michelle

The beautiful Diaper Cake!
Me opening presents...and Ali watching!
Teesha, Michelle, Courtney, Amber, Katie, Me, Lindsay, Amanda, Autumn, and Emily
Teesha, Michelle, Courtney, Amber, Katie, Me, Lindsay, Amanda, Mel, and Autumn

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Grandfather

My Grandfather "Grandy" passed away last night at the age of 87. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. We will be going to Knoxville on Sunday at 2 PM for the Memorial Service.

POLLARD, JAMES W. - age 87 of Knoxville, TN went to be with the Lord on Thursday, September 11, 2008. He was a member of St. Mark United Methodist Church. Born in McMinnville, TN to parents Bill and Ercie Green Pollard in 1920, he was a veteran of World War II having served with General Patton's Third Army. Upon graduation from the University of Tennessee he was employed by Rohm and Haas Company for 33 years. Following retirement, he was actively involved with a variety of volunteer organizations including The Service Corporation of Retired Executives, The AARP/IRS Income Tax Program, the Children's Hospital Fantasy of Trees, and especially his church. Mr. Pollard was preceded in death by his parents, one brother and two sisters. Survivors include his wife of 61 years, Evelyn Pollard; children, Bill Pollard of Chattanooga, Steve Pollard and wife Sara of Murfreesboro, Joe Pollard and wife Wanda of Hayes, VA, and Donna Russell and husband Andy of Greensboro, NC; and nine grandchildren. A Celebration of Life Service will be held Sunday, September 14, 2008, 2:00 p.m., at St. Mark United Methodist Church, 7001 Northshore Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919, with Pastor David Graybeal officiating. The family will welcome friends following the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to St. Mark United Methodist Church or Children's Hospital, P. O. Box 15010, Knoxville, TN 37901.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Commanding Officer's Message

Below is the September update from the commander. Also I have included links at the bottom of the page to some additional articles about the battalion.

It is with great pleasure that I send you my first official newsletter message following our departure from Camp Lejeune and arrival in Iraq. Since our assumption of this Area of Operations from 2d Battalion, 24th Marines, in early August, we have been moving full speed ahead in our mission here. We are intently focused on strengthening the Iraqi Security Forces and enhancing the overall quality of life of the Iraqi citizens, along with supporting gains in economic and governmental development and the Rule of Law. This is complicated yet highly important work – work we have trained for over the past 10+ months – and our Marines and Sailors are taking this mission on with all of the resolve and vigor they can muster, and they are indeed mustering a lot. Our conditions here – living and otherwise – are very good, and I have heard no complaints at all about the quality of the berthing, the food, the water, or any other life-support related issue. Trust me when I say that your Marines and Sailors are getting enough to eat and drink every single day – and while the quality of the food will never measure up to the home cooking that all of us long for, it is a decent replacement and there is plenty of it!

Environmentally, the conditions now are tough. During this time in Iraq, it is consistently very hot but dry, with winds that often pick up and disperse dust and dirt everywhere – but these are the conditions that an infantry Marine feels most comfortable in! Conditions will change over the coming months as the rainy season descends upon us and temperatures drop dramatically, but we are outfitted, in every sense of the word, for all conditions we will face. Despite the tough conditions, our Marines and Sailors, whether they have been here before or not, are taking all of this in stride and smiling along the way. As Sergeant Major Kagle and I travel far and wide to see the men, we consistently see the same high levels of motivation and enthusiasm that have come to characterize all members of 1st Battalion, 2d Marines during my time in command. It is a joy to behold and an even greater joy to be at the helm of an organization of such great young men. My level of pride, respect, and admiration for our Marines and Sailors, already very high because I have watched them perform in tough conditions for months, grows by the day.

I sincerely hope that this deployment progresses quickly for each and every one of you. Now that we are dispersed throughout the Area of Operations and are conducting operations around the clock – seven days a week – I know that the deployment will move along very fast for our Marines and Sailors. Having seen and met so many of the great families of our Marines and Sailors as the companies departed Camp Lejeune, I know that the support network that exists on the home front, both for this battalion and for every Marine and Sailor, is extraordinarily strong. I saw it day after day as the companies departed – and it brought me great joy. I also know that our Key Volunteer Network, guided by Stacey McClellan and a stable of wonderful, dedicated, and highly professional ladies, is working tirelessly to ensure the battalions’ families are cared for throughout. This superb level of support at home allows all members of this battalion to focus on the task at hand here.

I know I don’t need to tell any of you this, but you have every right to be proud of the young men that fill the ranks of 1st Battalion, 2d Marines – they are making all of us extraordinarily proud each and every day. They are making our nation proud. Please keep the packages and the mail coming!

Long live 1st Battalion, 2d Marines, and success to our Corps!

God Bless and Semper Fidelis,
LtCol Winand
Commanding Officer,
1st Battalion, 2d Marines



Evan is Seven!

Wow, does time fly!!

Evan turned 7 yesterday and his party was Saturday night. The overall theme of the party was USMC like his Uncle Stuart. We had pizza and cake (Yum!).

The pinata was lots of fun. Once the metal bat came out it got dangerous!

"Uncle Stuart and Aunt Ann got me SpyWare"

The cake was delicious (of course anything sweet is good to a preggo lady!). I had two pieces and then took some home :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures

Below are the pictures from the ultrasound August 25th. The pictures are very clear and the profile, heart, spine, arms and legs can all be seen.

The nurse was explaining all of the parts to me as she went along. She said, “Here is the head, here is the spine, here is where you see it is a girl, here are the legs”. I immediately screamed and starting bawling. I managed to choke out, “It’s a girl???” My mom started crying too. Then Julie (my friend that went with us) started tearing up also. I cried for a good five minutes. The nurse continued to look at the baby, but didn’t say anything. I asked her if everything was ok since she wasn’t saying anything. She said, “I am just waiting for you to compose yourself.” Apparently her job bores her although she did a very good, thorough job.

The nurse pointed out every dark blob to us explaining what organ it was and that it looked healthy and normal. But when she tried to take a picture of her face, the baby refused to move her arms out from in front of her face. She tried adjusting the table and elevating my stomach to get the baby to move, but she just would not cooperate. Wonder who she gets that from….

As of August 25th, she weighs 15 ounces and everything looks wonderful. My next doctor check-up is September 30th.