Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Some Cute Pictures

We went to eat with my parents, JD, Jess and her dad tonight at Cheddars. Of course, I didn't get any pictures of all of us. But I did get a few of Ms. Abby.
Staring at the fountain.

I love this picture! Even though the sun blocks out most of Abby - check out the way she has her leg posed. Diva-In-Training.


My friend Autumn had her baby boy today. I am hoping to be able to go visit tomorrow.

But I did find this picture of Ethan on facebook with Katie. So adorable!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No, this is not another post about Peas - it is about Peez!
I have been working very hard to teach Abby to say Please when she wants something. Tonight, I took her paci away from her and told her to say Please to get it back - she did!
In her sweet, little Abby voice, "Peez?"
Abby absolutely loves to tell people "Bye".
If you tell her, say Bye Bye, she will scream "BYE" until we leave. Very loud.
Tonight we were at the dog park and another dog (Angel) was in there. I said, "Abby, Tell Angel Bye Bye". She startled this poor little dog to death, screaming "BYE" and waving.
Just so you all know, I was typing this post and Stu started a movie, "Clash of the Titans". Not exactly my kind of movie. Apparently it popped up on the screen "12 years later". Stu says, "In case you care, 12 years just passed in this movie". I explained this was not exactly my kind of movie, so I was going to try and pay attention, but not to worry about me. I then went on to explain that I was more into the Bachelorette and Real Housewives.
Let me just note that I am telling him all of this during a thunderstorm on the movie.
He looks at me and says, "Shhh".
I said, 'It is a freaking thunderstorm, no one is talking."
Him: "That is not the point".
I feel the love!
I don't know how this turned into an update post, but in case anyone was worried about Ali - she has grown hair back on one side, still bald on the other!
Dinner with family tomorrow night and praying that Autumn has a great delivery! I am so excited to meet Ethan.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Another Hot Weekend

This weather is truly insane. I have pretty much given up even drying my hair on the weekends. I just shower, let it frizz, and pull it back. There is no point when I walk to the car and am instantly sweating. Sigh!
Saturday, Abby and I stayed in our pj's until 3 PM! Stuart was mentally insane and thought playing softball would be fun. We did not. But I tell you, we had a blast. I did not get any pictures, but we played dress up all day - she put 6 socks on each foot - I was laughing so hard at her!

Saturday night, I went to a cookout at Lindsey D.'s house. We assigned one of the boys to take a picture of all the girls. I am still not sure why he stood so far away. You can't even tell who anyone is in this picture. And I have no idea how to crop photos!
Sunday afternoon, we went swimming at my parents neighbors.

Abby loved it! You obviously can't tell from this picture, but she is saying "Cheese"! Next, we just have to work on the looking at the camera and saying it.

We are so grateful that my parent's neighbors let us use their pool whenever we want. I pretty much grew up in this pool. Now Bob and Peg are older and don't use it. They absolutely love to watch Abby in the pool. Sweet Peg asks me every time I go over there, "If I have sunscreen on that fair baby".

I really do love Peg, but she says the funniest things. When I was pregnant, I went to live with my parents for a month.

My brother and I are exactly four years apart in age and in school. So, as soon as I graduated college (4 years!), he entered. My parents (bless their hearts) have financially supported us both for 8 SOLID years.

My brother was set to graduate in December 2008 and Abby was due January 4th 2009.

We are outside talking to Peg about JD graduating and I started joking to my Dad that just when he thought he was done supporting his kids, now he has a granddaughter to "support".

Peg turns to me and dead on says, "You really should not have a baby if you can't support it".

I had to walk away before I burst out laughing.


When we were at my parents yesterday, my mom put Abby in this little dress. This was a dress that my Mimi made for me! Mimi used to make all of my dresses when I was little, there is a whole closet full at my parents - I can't wait for Abby to wear all of them!

I went grocery shopping tonight. As Stu and I were putting away groceries, I looked back at Abby and she was in the refrigerator opening the drawers and eating the grapes. What a sneak. (And yes, please ignore the box o' wine - I love me some cheap wine!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I absolutely love seeing little girls with hairbows. Abby will have nothing of it. Oh, she will play with them, but when is it all said and done, they are coming out.
So tonight when she insisted on wearing one of her largest bows, I had to take pictures.

Please also note the hot pink socks - her favorite. We actually ran out of pj's tonight (trust me, it happens at least one a week), so her pj's were a onesie. Oh no, she insisted on also wearing her skirt and the socks.

If only she would wear bows all the time. She is so freakin' adorable!

I got an email today from the organizer of this half marathon I am doing in October. It was a blanket email to everyone that signed up, detailing everything that is going on that day. The most alarming part of this email was that if you don't keep a steady pace of at least 15 minute miles, they will scoop you up in the "slow wagon".

Oh dear goodness.

I am so going in the slow people wagon. But I guess that is better than an ambulance having a heart attack.


I have been to the gym the past few nights. 20 minutes on the treadmill - hey, it is a start!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Stu!

Happy Birthday Stu!!
Stu's 31st birthday was yesterday. We went to eat with my parents, my bro and Jessica.

Abby texted during the entire meal.

She even managed to call my brother who was sitting across the table from her.

I am pretty sure this girl can text better than me!

She did manage to eat some mussels and scallops though. Unlike her momma, she was loving that seafood!
This is my 400th post!
Last night I was deep sleeping. All of a sudden, I feel someone reaching under my pillow. Of course, it is my psycho sleeping husband. He is reaching under my pillow saying, "Buddy, Buddy!". (Buddy is the name of his parents dog).
I ask him, "What are you doing?"
He says, "I am looking for Buddy".
Me, "Your parents dog? Under my pillow?"
Him, "Yes, I can't find Buddy!"
Me (sitting straight up in bed) : "Stuart Gene Staples, your parents freaking dog is not under my pillow! Wake up and go back to sleep"
Stu just stares at me for a second and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.
Today, I ask him if he dreamed about Buddy. He says "Yes, How did you know that?"
It is a wonder that I sleep at all.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Peas are Stu's least favorite food. I tolerate them in dishes, but don't generally eat them plain.
Up until tonight, Abby Loved them. She ate them almost every meal.
But this face (which is priceless in my opinion) tells me a different story.

She individually squished EVERY.SINGLE one of them (this was only halfway through).

Then I found something else.

I guess Peas are done with ;(

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

Abby was invited to a birthday party on Saturday for Landon. I didn't get to take many pictures as I was chasing Abby all around!
Check out this gorgeous cake!

Abby off and running. She tried to run from the party so many times.

Finally getting in the water. Also getting to meet Colt.
It is so awesome to get to meet kids that you have only known online. I didn't get a picture of the birthday boy (he is 100% boy and was a mile a minute!). But I have only seen pictures of Colt and Landon online. So much cuter in person!!!
We relaxed all day Sunday and then had dinner with Stu's family Sunday night. His 31st birthday is Tuesday. I am absolutely stuffed and looking forward to an early night.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Busted Up!

We have a very dangerous spot in our apartment complex. It is where the sprinklers run and for some reason, the pavement is extremely slick in this area. I am usually very careful when walking over it.
Well tonight it was raining and late. Abby was already asleep and Ali insisted on only doing her business at the dog park. So, in the rain, I walked her out there. On the way back, I was pissed about how wet the bottom of my sweatpants were. I was cussing that little dog!
All of a sudden, I hit that slick part. I didn't see it because of the rain. I flew down on my hands and knees. Ali's leash went flying. After falling on my knees, I just rolled over on my behind and laid there, trying not to cry.

Look at my poor knee!!!


After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I glanced around to make sure no one saw me (of course no one else was stupid enough to be out in the rain). Then I look for Ali. She has one of those retractable leashes and she is terrified of it. She is standing about 10 feet from me about to piss herself because the leash is following her. I had to hobble myself over to her and convince her to let me have the leash.

What a night!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show Us Your Life - My Beautiful Friend!

Let me just introduce you to my bestest friend. Her name is Michelle. She is an amazing friend, woman and mother!

Michelle is 28 and lives in Murfreesboro, TN. She works full time in health care. Her most amazing feature is how incredibly sweet and loving she is. We have been friends for (gasp!) almost 20 years now. I have never met anyone that would do anything for her friends and family like this gal.

She is also the MOST amazing mother that I know. Her daughter, Bella who is 5, is the most loved child that I know. They are best friends and it is evident in talking to Bella (who talks a mile a minute) that her Mommy is great!

This picture is actually at least a year old. Michelle is on the far right. She is still as beautiful today as she is in this picture!

Here is another picture of Michelle (from last weekend). Isn't she gorgeous? And her daughter Bella is gorgeous as well.


I pray and hope that she meets a nice Godly man that treats her well and appreciates what a great person that she is. If I could pick her ideal man (lol), he would be honest and just appreciate what an amazing person that she is. I know that he is out there and "forced" her to let me write this!

Please leave your email address or blog address and she will contact you!

A Spoonful of Sugar...

Helps the Medicine Go Down!

Abby loves to take medicine!

She thinks that the medicine dropper is so fun! We give it to her and she sucks it like a straw and asks for more. She is on anti-biotics for a raspy cough. It smells like bubble gum, so maybe that is why she likes it so much!


I forgot to write about it last night, but Abby was put in time-out. I was trying to put her in the stroller for our nightly walk and she HIT me. Yes, hit me. So, I yanked her up and put her in the crib. She sobbed her mandatory minute and a half at the top of her lungs. I went in the room and she was shaking and crocodile tears were streaming down her face. I hugged her and told her that I loved her. She peacefully went in the stroller this time.

Tonight, she repeatedly banged her fork on her plate. After being told about 10 times to stop, I again tried time out. I plopped her in the crib and shut the door. Nothing. Not a peep out of her. I went in there after the minute and a half. Apparently, I had forgotten that her paci was in the crib. She was sitting in there with it in her mouth, happy as a clam.


It is now 8:40 and she is singing happy as can be in her crib. Her bedtime is usually 7:30. I went in to rock her and all she wanted was to touch Mommy's glasses (that I never wear when she is still awake). Hopefully she will fall asleep soon!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

18 Month Appointment

Abby had her 18 month appointment yesterday.
  • 22 pounds and 6 1/2 ounces (25th percentile)
  • 31 inches long (25th percentile)
  • Head 19 inches (90th percentile)

This was a new doctor that we had never seen before, so there were alot of questions about her development. She is right on track. The doctor mentioned maybe starting to think about potty training! That just blows my mind! But Abby is pretty obvious when it is "pooping" time. She also likes to get her wipes and "wipe" herself. So maybe we are getting close. Probably in the next few months we will get her a potty and see what she thinks.

She also had to get two shots. She was supposed to get four, but I decided to spread them out since she is not feeling well. They wanted to give her one shot in the leg and one in the arm. My little girl was NOT having that happen. The nurse even offered to bring in a third person to help restrain her! But the nurse ended up just doing both of them in her legs.

Abby was rewarded with a sucker. (Sorry for the bad picture, it was from my cell phone). What you don't see is the amount of spit that she drooled everywhere. It was all over the floor, all over her shirt, and all over my pants. I was wearing a white shirt and somehow managed to not get any of it on that.
The very first time that Abby had shots, later that night I just ripped her bandaids right off. Of course she was pissed and Stu was appalled that I would just rip them off. From then on, Stu is the band aid remover.
This time though, she was in the bath and was pointing at them. So, I ripped the first one off (hey, rip it off like a bandaid). She didn't even blink. Then she pointed to the other one. I ripped that one off as well. She lost her mind. She cried the rest of the bath and pointed to her "boo boo".
Abby's day care recently sent home a form for her to get an Ident-A-Kid card. I think she is way too young for this, plus I take daily pictures of her, so I am pretty sure that I can find a recent picture if anything ever happened. But, since it was only $10, we just did it.

Tell me that is not the most adorable thing you have ever seen!

I cannot get this stupid picture to turn, but check out that fingerprint. It is tiny! The best part is that there are absolutely no markings to this fingerprint. I can just imagine how pissed she was about getting her finger dirty.
This is a very old picture that I have on my cell phone.

This was from our baby sitter when we lived in NC. This is Abby with the sitter's dog, Chevy. Chevy is the wildest dog that I know. He would run circles for HOURS without even breaking. Dig holes in my yard that I could fit in. But he was so sweet and full of energy.

Sadly, he passed away today and was only about 15 months old. He was hit by a vehicle and didn't make it. He will be missed!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Ramblings

I am still sick. I feel better, but I just cannot shake this cough. And poor Ms. Abby has it as well, not as bad though. Luckily, her 18 month appointment is in the morning. I will be bringing up her cough to the doctor.
I have really hung in here for the Bachelorette show. My only reason for doing so is the "awesome" blog reviews. These people tear her apart. I laugh through the entire reading. My biggest compliant is that Ali laughs and giggles more than she does anything else - so annoying!
My facebook account keeps reactivating itself. Finally, I changed the password, so hopefully it is gone. I do miss it, but it is scary to have someone hack your account.
I also have a text stalker. About a month ago, I received a phone call.
Caller: "Hey Girl"
Me: "Hi"
C: What are you doing?"
Me: "Who is this?"
C: "Is this not Lauren?"
Me: "No, You have the wrong number."
Since this encounter, this girl texts me about once a week. I really don't think that she has figured out that I am not Lauren.
The first text "What R U Doing tonight?", I texted back, "This is the same person that you called the other day looking for Lauren". She texted back, "Oops, sorry, I forgot to change the number."
Here are some examples of what I get:
All of us gals are going to Joe's Crab Shack tonight
Make sure you park behind Rebecca's car.
What have you been up to?
Did you and Alex break up?
Good night, Sweet Dreams
I stopped responding, just because it cracks me up. Seriously, this girl has not figured out that I/Lauren never respond.
Just yesterday, I got a text from a NEW number, "Bunny Bread!!!".
Apparently this Lauren girl is a wild child!
Well I am all hyped up on pain meds and cough medicine, so I am going to finish my painful watch of the Bachelorette.
Good night, Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot Summer Fun

What a hot weekend!
We started Saturday bright and early with hitting up a few yard sales. Abby came away with quite a few new bracelets. Of course, then she left them all at my parents house.
In the afternoon, we went swimming at Michelle's parent's house.
Michelle and Bella

Caden and Amber

Amanda, Tracy and Ruby

These two always play very coy with each other!

Abby saying, "This might be too big for me!"
I didn't get a picture of Tracy's other daughter, (she has three under five!) Riley, but she is about 6 weeks younger than Abby. They both decided that they needed a nap around the same time. We had a crib and a pack and play in the same room. Riley went down first, then about 10 minutes later, I put Abby in there.
As soon as I walked out, Michelle's mom says, "Did you just put her in there with Riley?". She could not believe that those two went down in about 1 minute each and then slept in the same room for over an hour. Not a peep! My gal is a good napper!

I am still feeling under the weather (I have had a cough for weeks now). So, Stu let me sleep in until about 10 today. This is what I woke up to....

Chocolate Pudding.


But she was loving it.

And got a bath afterwards!
This afternoon we went to Uncle Dave Macon Days. It was so unbelievably hot. And Abby insisted on running around minus the stroller. She was sweating quite profusely.

When we first got there, we went to the petting zoo.

I am very glad that we did that first as it smelled pretty bad in there and I would not have gone in later in the day.

I am a sucker for crafts. I found this adorable little sign for Abby's room. It matches the pink and green of her room!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lefty Loo

Abby loves her yogurt!
Tonight she had pear flavored.

Using ONLY her left hand.

Could this little sweetie be left handed?

Do kids even choose a hand preference this early?

This is her trying to ignore me taking all of the pictures!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Head" Strong

Abby was playing tonight and had a cracker in one hand and her sippy cup in the other. She decided she was also balanced enough to attempt to climb in a box. All of a sudden, we hear a loud BOOM. I thought she had fallen and her sippy cup had hit the wall.
Oh no, it was her head.

Do you see that big knot on her head?

We normally don't give her the paci until right before bed, but poor gal deserved it!

Good thing she is not going to day care tomorrow!

But a few minutes later, she was back to her normal self, helping Daddy empty the dishwasher.

We took her paci back and gave her a bath. She was not happy and wanted that paci!
Yesterday, Stu showed up with a box of hats for his softball team.
Guess who had to be the first to try them on???

I still think she is gorgeous though!

I could just eat that little gal up!

I heard recently that my parenting style was "pretty laid back". It was through the grapevine that I heard this (don't ask me who or how, I am not spreading more gossip). I am not sure if it was meant to be a compliment or a critique.

But you know what, I am happy that I was recognized as a "pretty laid back" parent. I think I have a completely chill little girl. I hope she grows up knowing that I let her test her boundaries (to an extent) and no matter what she does I will always love her. She is learning every day that No means No, but I at least let her try things to learn what she can and cannot do. If I only let her play in a 10X10 square of our home, then when she is let out of her box, she will go crazy. Kids are naturally curious and I encourage her to look at/try new things.


Wow, I feel like 2 rants in 2 days!


Thoughts on your parenting style?