Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Stu!

Happy Birthday Stu!!
Stu's 31st birthday was yesterday. We went to eat with my parents, my bro and Jessica.

Abby texted during the entire meal.

She even managed to call my brother who was sitting across the table from her.

I am pretty sure this girl can text better than me!

She did manage to eat some mussels and scallops though. Unlike her momma, she was loving that seafood!
This is my 400th post!
Last night I was deep sleeping. All of a sudden, I feel someone reaching under my pillow. Of course, it is my psycho sleeping husband. He is reaching under my pillow saying, "Buddy, Buddy!". (Buddy is the name of his parents dog).
I ask him, "What are you doing?"
He says, "I am looking for Buddy".
Me, "Your parents dog? Under my pillow?"
Him, "Yes, I can't find Buddy!"
Me (sitting straight up in bed) : "Stuart Gene Staples, your parents freaking dog is not under my pillow! Wake up and go back to sleep"
Stu just stares at me for a second and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.
Today, I ask him if he dreamed about Buddy. He says "Yes, How did you know that?"
It is a wonder that I sleep at all.


Wiz said...

400! That is awesome! I love the Stuart sleep walking/talking stories. John occasionally does that but not like Stuart!!

Oh, and I love your dad's bar :) It looks fully stocked!

Justine said...

I loove reading these stories!! Happy birthday Stu!!

ps I tried to download the va computer wouldnt let me!

pammy said...

Ann its been a while that i have laughed,but when i read about stuart an buddy all i got to say thank u soooo very much...

pamela staples said...

Ann its been a while since i had a good laugh.I must say stuart dreaming about buddy got me.thank u and give the family my

pamela s staples said...

Hi Ann I wanted to say when i read about stuart an buddy I lost it.All people buddy thank u for the laugh god bless an give my love to abby and stuart love ya smile

gammy said...

glad dinner was fun. Abby is just too adorable. and Stuart, you really do like buddy.