Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Head" Strong

Abby was playing tonight and had a cracker in one hand and her sippy cup in the other. She decided she was also balanced enough to attempt to climb in a box. All of a sudden, we hear a loud BOOM. I thought she had fallen and her sippy cup had hit the wall.
Oh no, it was her head.

Do you see that big knot on her head?

We normally don't give her the paci until right before bed, but poor gal deserved it!

Good thing she is not going to day care tomorrow!

But a few minutes later, she was back to her normal self, helping Daddy empty the dishwasher.

We took her paci back and gave her a bath. She was not happy and wanted that paci!
Yesterday, Stu showed up with a box of hats for his softball team.
Guess who had to be the first to try them on???

I still think she is gorgeous though!

I could just eat that little gal up!

I heard recently that my parenting style was "pretty laid back". It was through the grapevine that I heard this (don't ask me who or how, I am not spreading more gossip). I am not sure if it was meant to be a compliment or a critique.

But you know what, I am happy that I was recognized as a "pretty laid back" parent. I think I have a completely chill little girl. I hope she grows up knowing that I let her test her boundaries (to an extent) and no matter what she does I will always love her. She is learning every day that No means No, but I at least let her try things to learn what she can and cannot do. If I only let her play in a 10X10 square of our home, then when she is let out of her box, she will go crazy. Kids are naturally curious and I encourage her to look at/try new things.


Wow, I feel like 2 rants in 2 days!


Thoughts on your parenting style?


Warf pary of 3 said...

Poor baby!! it wont be the last time she hits her head im sure. Landon does it all the time. I feel like he is going to have brain damage one day because of it. I feel that we are pretty laid back parents as well. I really let Landon do things on his own or let him figure it out, but I am always there if he needs me. I have a friend who never lets her kid out of her sight, hoovers over him all the time, home schools him, etc... that is way to overbaring for me. i guess everyone is different. as long as our kids become productive members of society we have done our job. is there a right or wrong way to parent?

Jess said...

I think you're a great parent! And yes, you are laid back, but it is out of confidence not any bad reason. It would get old if you never let Abby off your hip or stayed an inch behind her or just didn't let her breathe without making sure she wasn't getting dirty. I like your parenting style. I'm not a parent, but I spend a lot of time around the children of suffocating parents and it's never a pretty sight!

Katie said...

Ann, Madelynn used mostly her left hand when she was Abby's age....however she now uses both right and left but mostly right...ya neve know!

People talking about you parenting will NEVER end. Every family chooses to do things differently and some folks think that if you don't do things their way or the way think thing you are supposed to do things cause it was in a book they read....that you are NOT parenting correctly..... screw them!

amanda said...

Just wanted to say I love your parenting style! I hope I will be a laid back parent as well!