Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching Up/July 4th

It has been FIVE days since my last blog. I know everyone is in shock about it (although I have no comments from the past few blogs, so I am feeling un-read). I have been sick. Deathly sick. Calling in to work sick. And I am still miserable. I cough like a body part is coming out (to the point that I have thrown up from it). I am out of mind on cold medicine.

With that being said, I still managed to make a 14 hour round trip to Charlotte this weekend.

I met this little Angel.....

Audrey Shea. Isn't she precious?

I got to witness her first dip in the lake.

And hang out with her wonderful parents.

There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby. Her mom learned from me with the bows and is starting her early with head gear.

But (in my humble opinion) it is a struggle!
I am completely in love with Ms. Audrey and glad I made the trip to meet her. She is so tiny! Abby was 7 pounds 11 ounces when she was born and 8 pounds 3 ounces when she left the hospital. Audrey is just 8 pounds at 6 weeks - what a petite little gal!

Ms. Abby and I did not make it to the fireworks last night. I felt horrible and Abby was exhausted. We went to bed early and she slept until 9 AM!!!
Then we enjoyed a relaxing day at the pool.
Abby will be 18 months tomorrow, so look forward to a post full of her latest triumphs. And I have been saving some great pictures as well!
My fur baby Ali was sick a few weeks ago and vomited all over her bed. We hadn't gotten her a new one for awhile, but we finally did get her a deluxe bed. It is big and fluffy and anything any dog would love!

This is what Ali thinks of it! This dog just cannot be pleased!

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Wiz said...

We went to Charlotte as well! Of course, we had Colt so we broke up the trip. Hope you feel better soon!