Wednesday, July 14, 2010

18 Month Appointment

Abby had her 18 month appointment yesterday.
  • 22 pounds and 6 1/2 ounces (25th percentile)
  • 31 inches long (25th percentile)
  • Head 19 inches (90th percentile)

This was a new doctor that we had never seen before, so there were alot of questions about her development. She is right on track. The doctor mentioned maybe starting to think about potty training! That just blows my mind! But Abby is pretty obvious when it is "pooping" time. She also likes to get her wipes and "wipe" herself. So maybe we are getting close. Probably in the next few months we will get her a potty and see what she thinks.

She also had to get two shots. She was supposed to get four, but I decided to spread them out since she is not feeling well. They wanted to give her one shot in the leg and one in the arm. My little girl was NOT having that happen. The nurse even offered to bring in a third person to help restrain her! But the nurse ended up just doing both of them in her legs.

Abby was rewarded with a sucker. (Sorry for the bad picture, it was from my cell phone). What you don't see is the amount of spit that she drooled everywhere. It was all over the floor, all over her shirt, and all over my pants. I was wearing a white shirt and somehow managed to not get any of it on that.
The very first time that Abby had shots, later that night I just ripped her bandaids right off. Of course she was pissed and Stu was appalled that I would just rip them off. From then on, Stu is the band aid remover.
This time though, she was in the bath and was pointing at them. So, I ripped the first one off (hey, rip it off like a bandaid). She didn't even blink. Then she pointed to the other one. I ripped that one off as well. She lost her mind. She cried the rest of the bath and pointed to her "boo boo".
Abby's day care recently sent home a form for her to get an Ident-A-Kid card. I think she is way too young for this, plus I take daily pictures of her, so I am pretty sure that I can find a recent picture if anything ever happened. But, since it was only $10, we just did it.

Tell me that is not the most adorable thing you have ever seen!

I cannot get this stupid picture to turn, but check out that fingerprint. It is tiny! The best part is that there are absolutely no markings to this fingerprint. I can just imagine how pissed she was about getting her finger dirty.
This is a very old picture that I have on my cell phone.

This was from our baby sitter when we lived in NC. This is Abby with the sitter's dog, Chevy. Chevy is the wildest dog that I know. He would run circles for HOURS without even breaking. Dig holes in my yard that I could fit in. But he was so sweet and full of energy.

Sadly, he passed away today and was only about 15 months old. He was hit by a vehicle and didn't make it. He will be missed!


Katie said...

What a cutie! BTW, I totally ordered that Master Clense book...find out for me how BAD the "flushing" was ...that is my main concern...going to work and being in the bathroom the whole day!

Jules said...

I am so sorry to hear about Chevy! That is really sad :-( I was glad to get my daily fix of Abby pictures though :-) I LOVE the band-aid story! Miss you guys!

Wiz said...

I love her little shirt at the doctor's appt! I hope to get to see Abby in PERSON this weekend. Its hard to believe that I have never seen her :)