Thursday, July 22, 2010


I absolutely love seeing little girls with hairbows. Abby will have nothing of it. Oh, she will play with them, but when is it all said and done, they are coming out.
So tonight when she insisted on wearing one of her largest bows, I had to take pictures.

Please also note the hot pink socks - her favorite. We actually ran out of pj's tonight (trust me, it happens at least one a week), so her pj's were a onesie. Oh no, she insisted on also wearing her skirt and the socks.

If only she would wear bows all the time. She is so freakin' adorable!

I got an email today from the organizer of this half marathon I am doing in October. It was a blanket email to everyone that signed up, detailing everything that is going on that day. The most alarming part of this email was that if you don't keep a steady pace of at least 15 minute miles, they will scoop you up in the "slow wagon".

Oh dear goodness.

I am so going in the slow people wagon. But I guess that is better than an ambulance having a heart attack.


I have been to the gym the past few nights. 20 minutes on the treadmill - hey, it is a start!


Wiz said...

Abby is so cute! I would love to see her new room so feel free to take my idea :)

gammy said...

Oh I love her bow. and she is so grown up getting dressed herself.