Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show Us Your Life - My Beautiful Friend!

Let me just introduce you to my bestest friend. Her name is Michelle. She is an amazing friend, woman and mother!

Michelle is 28 and lives in Murfreesboro, TN. She works full time in health care. Her most amazing feature is how incredibly sweet and loving she is. We have been friends for (gasp!) almost 20 years now. I have never met anyone that would do anything for her friends and family like this gal.

She is also the MOST amazing mother that I know. Her daughter, Bella who is 5, is the most loved child that I know. They are best friends and it is evident in talking to Bella (who talks a mile a minute) that her Mommy is great!

This picture is actually at least a year old. Michelle is on the far right. She is still as beautiful today as she is in this picture!

Here is another picture of Michelle (from last weekend). Isn't she gorgeous? And her daughter Bella is gorgeous as well.


I pray and hope that she meets a nice Godly man that treats her well and appreciates what a great person that she is. If I could pick her ideal man (lol), he would be honest and just appreciate what an amazing person that she is. I know that he is out there and "forced" her to let me write this!

Please leave your email address or blog address and she will contact you!


Chris said...

Just an easy going guy from NW Arkansas. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I also love being outside and being active. I believe in treating "my girl" as a queen. My joy comes from knowing that she is happy. I lead a bible study on a weekly basis for a group in my singles department and love it!

Michelle has a very beautiful smile and her eyes light up the room! I wouldn't mind learning more if she wouldn't!

Wiz said...

This is so much fun :) Maybe when my brother comes up we can introduce them.

gammy said...

Michelle, is a wonderful friend and so glad she is yours.

JJM said...

I am interested in getting to know you friend Michelle. My sis, Mary Avery Wigley surprised me and volunteered me for Kelly's Korner single person list on Friday.I am #20 on the list.
I am 30 yrs old and I live in Northeast Alabama not too far from Murfreesboro.


Our Comfy~ Cozy Life!!!! said...


Tell Michelle to add my brother as one of her FB frinds and they can get to know each other that way!

(He don't be shy! :)!/profile.php?id=781956379&ref=ts