Thursday, December 31, 2009

We made it!

After an eleven hour drive, we made it! Abby slept most of time and was only whiny when it was Daddy's turn to sleep! So far, I have only taken 3 pictures of Abby and I can't get them to upload to the computer.
We are celebrating Christmas with my parents tonight and Stu's parents on Saturday. Stu's parents have a better internet connection, so I will try and upload Christmas pictures then.
Hope everyone has a great (safe) New Years Eve!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Christmas Dinner

Just one more day closer to traveling to Tennessee! We are oh so excited to be going home to see the family...then it will really feel like Christmas.

Abby and I did a little post-Christmas shopping today. I got some great big candle holders and red and green balls to put in them for next year. All for at least 50% off! I was a little disappointed that I didn't get my mini-Christmas tree for the bathroom, but oh well, I guess that I will have to pay full price for it next year.

Here is a shot of Stu playing with the crazed dog, Ali. She will be staying in TN with my parents after Christmas. I don't think that it has sunk in yet that my original "baby" will be living with my parents. I will miss her craziness so muuuuch. We had decided that once we moved into an apartment, it would be better for her to live with them so I wasn't having to drag the baby and dog outside for bathroom breaks. We plan on buying a house in about a year, so will take her back then. Unless they won't give her back! Since we are taking her with us for Christmas, it makes more sense just to leave her there now.

Tonight, we had delicious lasagna over at Chuck and Peggy's house. We were a little worried with how Abby would act as she is in so much pain with her teeth. But she was perfectly content sitting in Peggy's lap eating salad (!) and crunchy won tons.

Afterwards, we took our picture next to their beautiful Christmas tree.

Their tree is completely made of cartoon characters. All of the Disney characters, Mr. Potato Head, Crayola characters. It was wild! They have been collecting these ornaments for like 20 years! Abby fell in love with Mr. Potato Head. Might be thinking of a good Birthday Present!


Abby is now the proud owner of 7 teeth. Hopefully, we get a break for awhile (especially over the holidays).

Here are pictures that Justine had of our Christmas Dinner night. This is Abby opening her Christmas presents (note the bow on her head!)

Andrea, Justine, Abby, and I (I am always the shortest!)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bath Toys Galore!

Abby has had a much better day today. The only meltdown was in the grocery store where she insisted that I hold her bottle for her while I am trying to steer the cart.

For Christmas, we got her a tug boat that floats in the bath and makes noises. She likes to tip it over until it sinks!

She just loves the basketball goal with the 2 out of 3 balls that go in it. Yes, we have already lost one ball.

If you notice my leg, it has water splashed up on it. Girl went nuts splashing until it flew out of the tub!

Too busy playing, but managed to look around so Daddy could get a shot.

After bath, she kissed the envelope for my mom. Hope she likes slobber!

Check out those adorable curls in the back!

New set of pj's that Andrea got her. So glad that she has some 12 month ones, her little toes thank her also!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Abby's First Christmas

Morning started with Abby waking up at 5:40 AM!! I listened to her cry on and off for about 20 minutes before telling Stu that it "was time". So...we got up, brushed teeth, used the bathroom, etc. Stu turned the Christmas lights on, I went in to get Abby......and.....she was passed out COLD!

I couldn't believe it.

So, we went back to bed and about 7, she woke up again. Now, it is time!

She was a little shell shocked that a brand new toy was awaiting her!

But she loved the Little People and promptly chewed on each and every one of them. Loving her new toy! She also got a Curious George Christmas book! I have decided that for each holiday she gets a themed book. I bought her a Halloween book, but unfortunately lost it until about Thanksgiving....the thought that counts.
Mimi sent her a doll that she loves!
Another one of her presents was a dog that barks and then jumps straight up into the air. She loves the dog when it is not "on". But the second that little dog jumps in the air, she screams and cries. Not exactly what I intended. Maybe it will grow on her.
Hanging out after the nap with her new toys.

We also had a fantastic dinner with Andrea, her mom, Justine and Steve. Andrea and her mom got her some new pj's. She is currently wearing 9 month pj's and her poor little toes are all smushed in there. Justine and Steve got her a stylin' new outfit as well. Pictures soon of the outfits (and hopefully Justine sends me pictures of dinner).

Although we had a great Christmas, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without the family. Can't wait for next week!


And poor Ms. Abby is beside herself because she is teething. She was miserable at dinner and nothing made her feel better. Maybe some grandparents will cheer her up!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town....

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with Abby this year (and Stuart too of course)!

During one of Abby's naps today, I hear the mobile start up...this can only mean one thing...someone is not napping...

Abby had a giant dinner of tomatoes and pasta (after eating a banana of course).


I am remembering last Christmas Eve. My mom was scheduled to arrive the next day, Julie and Mike were out of town and I was just praying that Abby stayed in until my "Mommy" arrived. Little did I know it would still be a few more (loooong) weeks.

Can you believe this wonderful bundle of joy is in here?

I can not even imagine that I was this big!


Wanted to add that our little girl is now the proud owner of 6 (!) teeth. 3 on the bottom and 3 on the right!


So what is Santa bringing the most wonderful, beautiful, sweetest girl ever?

Well....a dollhouse of course!

Don't tell Stu I said this...but he was pretty excited to open this up!

We realized about 6 PM that we didn't have any AA batteries so I had to run to the gas station and get some. Those suckers saw me coming...they charged me $6.49 for four. Of course, I needed 8, so they got me. Most expensive batteries ever! But here is the finished product! Isn't it just too adorable? The doorbell rings, the toilet flushes, the washer and dryer make some noise. I think Abby will love it! Of course, we got her some other stuff as well which I am knowing that she will love! Christmas Dinner at Andrea's tomorrow (with my crappy cookies). Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Snuggler

As I have said before, Abby NEVER falls asleep on me. Tonight though, she snuggled right up to me and was knocked out! I held her for about 15 minutes, just listening to her breathe. She is just so freaking sweet!

I could watch her sleep all night! This morning had another Cheerio "incident".

What is with this girl and leaving Cherrio's on her face??

Only a half day of work tomorrow, then meeting Stu for lunch and doing some last minute (really last minute) Christmas shopping.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Maybe I missed it, but I seem to have turned my head and all of a sudden Abby is 100% a Daddy's girl. He is in biiiig trouble!

Stu trying to convince her to put her arm through the jacket.

Putting the jacket's cold outside! Snapping on the hat... Happy as can be that Daddy is taking her to day care today!
These pictures also make me sad as Stu's time in the Marine Corps is numbered :(
Daddy giving her a bath. I was still eating dinner, but I heard them splashing around having a great time!
Stu tried to get Abby to ride on her toy, but she was not a happy camper!
A little better when she gets to "drive".


I hope your Christmas cards arrive soon. Here are some more outtakes.


When I picked Abby up from day care, the lady asked if the front desk had called me. I said No. She said she had just called up there to tell them that Abby had a 101 temperature. I guess that I got there before they had a chance to call.

I brought her home and we took her temp again. 101.2! She ate dinner fine, but after her bath just wanted to lay on me. She was burning up, so I just held for a little bit and then put her to bed. She went down without a sound, so we will check on her later.

The only positive thing is that I am pretty sure this means that we will have another tooth soon!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Dinner View

Most nights, Stu and I wait for Abby to go to bed before we eat dinner especially since she goes to bed about 7. But tonight dinner was ready around 6. Abby had been fed, bathed and pj'd.

This is what I enjoyed during my dinner.

"Please let me up there, please"

"I will do anything to get to your dinner"

I pulled out the talking purse, which did keep her entertained for a little bit.

She loves playing with "her" cell phones.

Also did some walking around.

Look at her go!!

I notice in these pictures that the garbage can is pretty visual. I appreciate every one's thoughts and suggestions on the time-out incident. It is great to know that I am not alone. But I also may need to rethink the location of the garbage can.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I haven't blogged in *gasp* three days. We have had a busy weekend, a sick baby, and lots of napping.

Abby was not feeling too well Thursday night, so I stayed home with her on Friday. She is better, but watch out if the gal sneezes. Better have a tissue handy!

She did find the time to empty my magazine rack of course.

On Saturday, I got to meet Damien Eric Pekrol, the sweetest baby! He was such a little snuggler and I got to feed him as well.

Saturday night, we went out to eat Hibachi with our friends for Christmas.

Abby had on the CUTEST outfit. It was a pink shirt, mini skirt (which I swore that I would not get her until she was 18), tights and her stylin' boots.

Daddy and Abby waiting on a table.

We thought that she would love the whole fire thing at the grill. She was too busy inhaling bananas and rice. Barely even blinked (which is good because I didn't get any pictures). After that was done, I spent the rest of the evening telling her not to chew on the table.....

After Hibachi, the boys went to Applebee's to watch football and the girls went back to Justine's to watch a movie. Abby was out like a light, but woke up a few hours later and was inconsolable. Finally I was able to stick her pacifier in her mouth and rub extremely hard on her teeth. Then she passed out on me, I was in love! She never sleeps on me anymore, so I totally let her snuggle against me until the boys got back.

Today, I gave her the teething ring that was in the freezer. As you can see, she stuck that thing in her mouth and just walked around with it. Can't slow her down!

For dinner tonight, she had a banana (we buy at least 10 a week) and a half a can of mixed veggies. She loved them.

I think that I mentioned earlier that we got her a Hello Kitty toothbrush. We still haven't used it because I keep forgetting to buy baby toothpaste (what the dentist told me to use, yes, I asked). Tonight, I figured good old fashioned water would work and that we need to just get her in the habit of getting her teeth brushed.

She thought that it was just the neatest thing.

I debated whether to write this or not, but I am hoping that I only get positive feedback. Abby had her first time-out today. We tell her all the time not to touch the garbage can. All the time. 90% of the time, we are able to distract her and we move on. But today, I was in the middle of cutting a chicken (ugh!) and I kept telling her "no" over and over. Not only did she ignore me, but she would watch me watch her do it. She was testing me, of that I am sure.
So, I picked her up and put her in her crib. Then I set the timer for 60 seconds. After pacing up and down the living room for 50 seconds almost in tears, I went to get her out of the crib. I felt so horrible and I am not sure I can do it again. Any thoughts/suggestions??
I want to add....when I went in to get Abby, she was happily playing and probably thought nothing of getting to hang out in her crib. I grabbed her up and hugged her like I had not seen her in days.