Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-Or-Treating....Part Two

  We have been so excited about trick-or-treating in this house!

Abby complained about her lips hurting tonight (no idea what that is about) so getting her to smile is next to impossible

Since the moment I got home, it was "When are we going trick-or-treating?"

Super blurry picture, but she was such a champ in the neighborhood. I think we went to about 20 houses. Her pumpkin was full. 

 Going up to a house. Abby was cracking me up - she would go up to the house and if they had windows on the side of the house she would look in. Before knocking or ringing the doorbell. I was terrified that they would see her face in the window. My sweet little creepy kid!

Seriously, this is the all the candy that she got. Since we live in a smaller neighborhood, each neighbor would give her handfuls of candy. And we have about half of ours still left as well!

Abby got to give out candy to one trick-or-treater after we got home. Then she wanted to play "trick-or-treat" with us. She made us go outside and ring the doorbell for candy. 

Then we turned out all the lights and she "found" us with the flashlight. 

She crashed hard tonight (and not on a candy high....she didn't get any of her candy tonight- it makes her crazy!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Puppy's Bath

 Abby adores her stuffed puppy dog. She frequently refers to him as her best friend. 

Stu was laying next to it on the couch tonight and noticed that it was smelling a little less than perfect. 

So I just tossed it in the washer and didn't think anything about it. 

Oh my goodness......Abby was so upset. She went to check on him and just cried in front of the washer. "I can see his eyes, Momma."

She bawled the rest of the night and eventually when puppy got out of the washer, I had to prove to her that he was still "alive", but sleeping in the bathroom due to being wet.

After posting this on fb, my friends totally ragged me that you are supposed to wash animals early on Sat mornings so they are dry by night. Lesson learned.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Festival and Elizabeth's First Bday

 We went to a local church's fall festival today. It was super windy, but we still had a blast.

Playing golf. The guy helping her was actually my first eye doctor (for about 10 years).

Abby was so thrilled to get her hair colored. 

I handed her the phone to look at herself, she manged to take five pictures in a row of herself. 

Bowling with Pumpkins

Blowing bubbles out of a fly swatter. 

After the festival, we went to sweet little Elizabeth's First Birthday. 

All of the little girl's sharing the smush cake. 

My little princess was worn out! 

Note: She loves to "read" my Bible when in the car. So sweet!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trick or Treating...Round One

 We have so much candy in our house....not a good thing!

Friday afternoon was Abby's Halloween party at school. 

I left work to go to her party. I really thought they would still be in their costumes, but they had been trick-or-treating earlier in the day. 

I was super excited to curl Abby's hair to go with her Alice-in-Wonderland costume. I pictured really curly hair or ringlets that would look perfect.

Unfortunately, her super fine hair held NO curl. And you can tell by the look on her face that she was not thrilled. 

We still had so much fun at her school's fall festival. 

Her school fall festival is by far my favorite one! 

Abby's former teacher, Ms. Peyton, was manning the face painting station. 

Abby would only let Ms. Peyton paint her face. 

She LOVED her heart! 

Bowling in her classroom. 

Today, we bundled up and went to a trick-or-treat event in LaVergne. 

Abby's favorite was the "exercise" area. She climbed up all by herself. 

Daddy and Abby under the giant cat. 

Tonight, watching Doc McStuffin on the computer. She is so funny and loves to watch the computer this way. 

Abby lecturing me. 

Stern face. 

Such a little diva! 

Pumpkin Lovin'

 I am not a big fan of carving pumpkins and after Abby has repeatedly talked about how gross the insides are (from carving one at school), I knew carving our pumpkin was not in the future.

So when my favorite blog posted this, I was hooked.

Friday afternoon, we started cutting out circles.My little expert cutter wanted her own.

Note: we used different colored tissue paper.

Daddy putting the mod podge on the pumpkin. 

Abby adding circles. 

Honestly, she just had a blast. 

Daddy was excellent with turning the pumpkin. Abby concentrating hard core.

The final project after a second coat of mod podge. 

We stopped at the store today and grabbed a second pumpkin. 

Picture tonight after the second coat. 

Here is the final result!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoo Night

 Sunday night we went to Ghouls at Grassmere. Abby was so excited to wear her costume and we repeatedly worked on saying "Trick or Treat".

Or as she says "Truck or Treat".

 On the way to the zoo....passed out cold. 

Once we got there, she was gung-ho though.

It took about 10 Trick or Treat stations before she would go on her own. 

It was adorable once she did. 

Daddy pushing Abby between stations. 

Our sweet little Alice in Wonderland.

She loved riding the "haunted" carousal. 

Me and Abby riding the kangaroo. 

She also loved the hayride (Momma was looking pretty rough after some yard work earlier).