Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trick or Treating...Round One

 We have so much candy in our house....not a good thing!

Friday afternoon was Abby's Halloween party at school. 

I left work to go to her party. I really thought they would still be in their costumes, but they had been trick-or-treating earlier in the day. 

I was super excited to curl Abby's hair to go with her Alice-in-Wonderland costume. I pictured really curly hair or ringlets that would look perfect.

Unfortunately, her super fine hair held NO curl. And you can tell by the look on her face that she was not thrilled. 

We still had so much fun at her school's fall festival. 

Her school fall festival is by far my favorite one! 

Abby's former teacher, Ms. Peyton, was manning the face painting station. 

Abby would only let Ms. Peyton paint her face. 

She LOVED her heart! 

Bowling in her classroom. 

Today, we bundled up and went to a trick-or-treat event in LaVergne. 

Abby's favorite was the "exercise" area. She climbed up all by herself. 

Daddy and Abby under the giant cat. 

Tonight, watching Doc McStuffin on the computer. She is so funny and loves to watch the computer this way. 

Abby lecturing me. 

Stern face. 

Such a little diva! 

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gammydi said...

omg I love her face while she was lecturing you...