Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Random Wed

Creative Title, Right?


I am not a politics follower. I follow politics like I do sports...which is not at all. 

But I am committed to watching the debates and to try and pay attention. 

Initial thoughts....Romney is sleazy. His voice is grating on my last nerve. 

Yea, I am not an educated voter :(. 


I expect to post a lot this month. We have at least 2 events planned every weekend. Usually 3-4 things going on. October is by far my favorite month. 


One of Abby's favorite games is Duck, Duck, Goose (also the matching game and Candy Land). 

She will line up all her stuffed animals in a circle and then we play with them. 

We just need to work on getting Ali to play. 


Disney is only 68 days out. I finalized my dining last night. 

We are going to have a blast, I just hope that I can recover from that much fun. 


I'm on Day 2 of Couch to 5K. Last time I tried it, I made it 2 weeks. 



I love Stu to death, but I think he hears about 40% of what I say (and that is probably true of me as well). 

I told him that on Monday, I had to take Ali to the vet, meet him for lunch and had a dentist appointment. 

I would assume that he took that to mean I wasn't going to work.

At lunch he told me about the flowers he sent to my work. About an hour later, I get texts from co-workers about a box from pro-flowers and whether they should open it.

The flowers were beautiful and I am so blessed. 

But I still laugh that he didn't pick up on the fact that I wasn't going to work. 


I am SO bad about buying pictures/artwork. 

I have such random style. 

But I loved these circles that I found at HomeGoods.

So my dining room has a little "circle lovin'". 

Although in this picture, they look really small. 

Oh well, at least I made a commitment.

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