Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Weekend

We had a beautiful Saturday. It started early and ended late, but was a blast. Get ready for a ton of pictures. 

 Friday night enjoying pb&j at Panera.

Up super early on Saturday to watch The Middle Half. 

The three guys in front. Seriously, they ran it in a little over an hour. Crazy. 

My bestie Amanda starting the race.

We had a great time cheering everyone on. I wore a shirt to support Amanda's cousin and once I have the picture of all of us, I will post it. 

Since the day was so beautiful, my mom and I took Abby to Lucky Ladd Farms.

Abby loved feeding the goats. (Did you notice her shorter hair? She got a haircut before we went.)

She was so into petting the sheep

and brushing them.

Posing at the sunflowers. 

Checking out the houses on the Bunny Trail. 

Riding the giant pipe swing. 

Playing in the corn. 

By far one of her favorite things to do was ride the slides.

She was such a grown up going all by herself. 

Posing in the giant watermelon. 

But the one thing she keeps talking about is the train. 

She just loves riding on trains! 

Milking a (pretend) cow. 

She really wanted her picture taken with the Momma and Daddy scarecrow. 

Abby and I posing in front of a truck. 

It was quite a muddy event and Abby spent the entire ride home picking the mud off her feet. 

She screamed about 10 times during the day when mud touched her. 

She totally gets that from me!


As part of my "31 in 31" goals, I want to improve my wardrobe. I took this picture in a dressing room today. Check out my first pair of skinny jeans! To the right are the new boots that I bought to go with them. I am SO happy with all that I got today! 

And they are really motivating me to lose a few more pounds!


gammydi said...

you look amazing. love the skinny jeans.. you go girl. way to go. looks like a great weekend.

Wiz said...

YOu look great! Love the skinnies! I always thought my mamma jamma thighs would look awful in skinny jeans but I love the look with boots!