Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vegetable Fall

 We went to a fantastic Fall Festival this weekend at a local school. Abby kept asking when are we getting to the "Vegetable Fall".

Getting her face painted.  

Going down the giant slide. 

She loved it and her cousin Evan was so nice to help her out.

I measured out the space for Abby's new bed. She spent about 30 minutes then drawing lines with flowers. She is so easy to keep busy! 

 A shot before church. Loving the new boots! 
(And Abby's sweet little braid)

My book arrived! Horrible picture, but I love it! Abby and I have spent time looking through it, I'm so happy to have all of that info documented.

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gammydi said...

I want to see the book... I love those pregnant pictures of you. you were a beautiful pregnant mom to be. Abby is really growing up. I love how she lines her toys up. love that mirror too. and her braid... ahhhhh