Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little OCD

Abby has such an OCD bedtime routine. 

The things that have to be done:

  • Night Light On
  • Fan On
  • Humidifier on (and turned to face her bed)
  • Nothing on the floor (shoes, etc)
  • Clothes laid out for the next day
  • No drawers can be open or have anything hanging out of them 
  • The closet doors must be closed

I have created a monster. 


A few months ago, we bought a programmable thermostat. It has drastically reduced our electric bill - being able to program it not to run all day long. 

Well the temperature dropped last night.....and the heat doesn't work. 

Since Stu and I are not the handiest people, I asked a few people at work for advice . 

After about 30 minutes of tinkering tonight, The Heat is On! 



Sue B. said...

I love it! Abby does have quite the list of rituals...she sounds like my kind of girl! LOL. I have OCD can be helpful, but it can also greatly irritate those you live with! Haha.

gammydi said...

love organization.. that's what I call it..glad you fixed the heat...