Sunday, October 28, 2012

Festival and Elizabeth's First Bday

 We went to a local church's fall festival today. It was super windy, but we still had a blast.

Playing golf. The guy helping her was actually my first eye doctor (for about 10 years).

Abby was so thrilled to get her hair colored. 

I handed her the phone to look at herself, she manged to take five pictures in a row of herself. 

Bowling with Pumpkins

Blowing bubbles out of a fly swatter. 

After the festival, we went to sweet little Elizabeth's First Birthday. 

All of the little girl's sharing the smush cake. 

My little princess was worn out! 

Note: She loves to "read" my Bible when in the car. So sweet!


Jules said...

Why is she reading the encyclopedia?? LOL :-) Smart girl!!!

gammydi said...

looks like a great festival. what a sweetheart