Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Mini Rant

I have a post to write about our trip to the Ghouls at Grassmere (once I get Stu's pictures). We had a blast, but thought it wasn't worth the $36 to get members. 

But here is my rant:

  • Watch your kids - they are wild and push line in front of smaller kids. Teach them manners and to wait in line. 
  • Don't forgo bedtime - Abby's bedtime is 7:30. We went at 5 and left about 6:45. There were people just arriving when we left, with kids smaller than her. I get that special occasions happen, but it was a Sunday night. Tomorrow is a school day. Your kids will be miserable. And even if they don't go to school, keep a routine.
  • Sugar is not your friend - I can't even begin to express my anger at the amount of sugar I saw kids eat tonight. Cotton candy at 6:30? Sure, get your kid hyped up on that sh*t and then let them crash. Awesome. 
  • Be an adult - we had a mom deliberately cut line in front of us with her three rambunctious boys. I get that there are lines and they suck, but grow up.
  • Set rules - I overheard a mom say, "There is no way I could pass the cotton candy and not give it to her." Really??

We are no way strict parents (hell, Abby would live off Goldfish crackers if we let her and sometimes she does). But I was disgusted by the amount of sugar and junk that parents were letting their kids have that late at night. Maybe their kids are night owls, but I just couldn't take it! 

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gammydi said...

true all those things would have driven me crazy...