Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoo Night

 Sunday night we went to Ghouls at Grassmere. Abby was so excited to wear her costume and we repeatedly worked on saying "Trick or Treat".

Or as she says "Truck or Treat".

 On the way to the zoo....passed out cold. 

Once we got there, she was gung-ho though.

It took about 10 Trick or Treat stations before she would go on her own. 

It was adorable once she did. 

Daddy pushing Abby between stations. 

Our sweet little Alice in Wonderland.

She loved riding the "haunted" carousal. 

Me and Abby riding the kangaroo. 

She also loved the hayride (Momma was looking pretty rough after some yard work earlier). 

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gammydi said...

this is so cool to be able to go to the zoo and trick or treat. I had no idea....looks like a lot of fun.