Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-Or-Treating....Part Two

  We have been so excited about trick-or-treating in this house!

Abby complained about her lips hurting tonight (no idea what that is about) so getting her to smile is next to impossible

Since the moment I got home, it was "When are we going trick-or-treating?"

Super blurry picture, but she was such a champ in the neighborhood. I think we went to about 20 houses. Her pumpkin was full. 

 Going up to a house. Abby was cracking me up - she would go up to the house and if they had windows on the side of the house she would look in. Before knocking or ringing the doorbell. I was terrified that they would see her face in the window. My sweet little creepy kid!

Seriously, this is the all the candy that she got. Since we live in a smaller neighborhood, each neighbor would give her handfuls of candy. And we have about half of ours still left as well!

Abby got to give out candy to one trick-or-treater after we got home. Then she wanted to play "trick-or-treat" with us. She made us go outside and ring the doorbell for candy. 

Then we turned out all the lights and she "found" us with the flashlight. 

She crashed hard tonight (and not on a candy high....she didn't get any of her candy tonight- it makes her crazy!)

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gammydi said...

sweet... so glad you have a good neighborhood to trick or treat in... she is adorable